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Logitech MX-1000 laser mouse


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Originally posted by Orpheus@Sep 13 2004, 10:02 AM

Ressurecting this thread. This might be the mouse that gets me to upgrade from my MX-700. Logitech's MX-1000

I've been lusting after the MX-1000 since I saw it in the paper, I'm still trying to find one in-store to get a feel for it. But the reviews have been positively glowing, so I have no doubt I'll be getting one. The 21-days of battery life is enough to get me to upgrade (also from the MX-700, which i will bring to work to replace my older Cordless Optical from Logitech).

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I think I'll be picking up a Logitech MX-900 bluetooth desktop (non-diNovo) sometime soon. The MX-1000 is tempting, but the main draw is to be able to use the mouse not only with my desktop, but also with my laptop using no dongles via bluetooth. Although, as soon as I buy it, I know they'll release a bluetooth MX-1000 a week later. ;)

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Add me to the list upgrading from the MX700 to the MX1000. I love my MX700 but over time the recharging contacts have worn down enough that it's become difficult to get a charge from the base. Additionally, the included rechargable AA's rather suck.


The MX1000 seems to have addressed both of these issues. And I for one like the fact that it's not Bluetooth.

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Camp, this isn't meant to be insulting, but have you cleaned the contacts? I was having trouble getting it to seat and recharge, but I cleaned the contacts and it got a lot better.


I tried and it seemed to work for a week or so. Even changed my mouse pad for fear that there was some sort of build up on it. I just think the MX700's cradle/contacts design isn't as good as the rest of the design.

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I just picked up an MX1000, a few things I've noticed:


It's more comfortable, and the 700 was already pretty comfy. The little thumb rest works.


The wheel moves more freely, it still has indents, where it softly 'clicks' as you rotate it, but they are less pronounced...I like this.


The buttons immediately fore and aft of the wheel are nice and solid, but reaching the one in front of the wheel requires a slightly different finger position compared to the 700 because it's easier to accidentaly push the wheel when you reach for it. I think this is just an adjustment I'll have to get used to, and not a flaw i the design, but I can't say for sure right now.


It came fully charged (nice touch)


The contacts for charging on the base and mouse appear to be gold plated, which means the problem with the 700 becoming hard to seat/charge shuold be gone. but I haven't verified if they are actually gold and not just yellow metal.


The three battery indicator lights on the side turn off after about 10 seconds of not using the mouse, I assume this is an indication that it's asleep...they turn back on as soon as you move the mouse.

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Curiously, the Logitech software (the Mac version at least) doesn't have a configuration control for the (left-right) tilt-wheel. It works as a side-scroll automatically, but I'd rather use it for something else (back - forward in a browser, for example).


It's not a big deal as I already use a Mac utility that lets you map any USB device button to any keystroke/mouse function, but it seems like a strange oversight.

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A few more things.


First, I took some quick pics of the three Logitech wireless mice I have for comparison.


As you can see the MX1000 is shorter than the 700 (BTW, the marks on the 700's buttons are where the finish has worn off).


And it's also taller.




The mouse has 4 'slip-pads', which I mentioned earlier, and one of them is either slightly taller than the rest or slightly shorter, which means that the mouse 'rocks' ever so slightly (like a 4-legged table with one leg slightly off), this is slight but annoying. I layered a few stickers on one of the feet and it fixed the problem. If they used 3 pads instead of 4 this couldn't happen (which I wish more restaurants did with tables!)


The utility I use to map buttons also doesn't see the tilt-wheel either! I am baffled.


After two of us carefully compared the weights (by hand), we decided that the MX1000 is either slightly lighter than the MX700 or the same. I think I misjudged it before because the weight is toward the back of the mouse, whereas the MX700 is more centered...the difference makes it see heavier.


The connectors on the MX700 are also "yellow metal" so they may in fact be the same exact substance as the MX1000 ones.

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I'm selfishly splitting this into it's own topic, since I keep posting as if its alreday an MX-1000 thread :P


Thanks to the collective genius of the ArsTechnica Mac forum, I found a utility that 'sees' all of the buttons on the MX-1000! I also found out that the Windows version of the Logitech software doesn't see the tilt-wheel either, odd.


Anyway, using GamePad Companion, I was able to map all of the buttons, here's how they came out:


(BTW, buttons 1 and 2 are the left/right mouse buttons)


I configured the buttons as follows:

#3 Expos? show all windows (F9)

#4 Hide current app (command + H)

#5 Cycle windows (command + ~)

#6 Expos? show desktop (F10)

#7 Page-up

#8 Page down

#9 Browser back (command + left arrow)

#10 Browser forward (command + right arrow)


I'm already getting hooked on using the tilt-wheel for browser back/forward, which is a problem since I won't have a tilt-wheel at work, stupid fancy mouse.

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Originally posted by Beer Monkey@Sep 23 2004, 09:15 PM

I picked up MX1000 for $66.70 at Sams Club. Pretty happy so far, but I need to map some stuff.


Seems a little bit lighter than the MX700 to me.

I missed your post Michael, how do you like it now?


I came back to this thread to report that I had to charge the mouse for the first time today. I intentionally ran the battery all the way down. Officially it lasted 11 days on a single charge, after charging it fully overnight (today was the 12th day, but it conked out after only about 20 minutes of use tonight).


I read somewhere that it was supposed to get 21 days...not even close, but that's a lot better than the 2 or 3 days that the MX700 got.

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Just watch it with those tilt wheels. I've got one on my Microsoft Intellimouse at work, but the home one is the previous model (and still the second best symmetrical mouse in the world after the Starck, in my opinion).


I keep trying to push the home wheel left and right, and I'm sure I'll damage it eventually.

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I just had to resurrect this thread to say: Damn, this thing is heavy! I haven't used anything other than light-weight MS optical mice in forever. It's going to take me a while to get used to the MX1000.


Otherwise, it's cool. I had a first-gen optical mouse before, so this is a nice upgrade. I always thought a wireless mouse would be nice, but the way I had my mouse wire setup before, I can't say I notice the difference. Maybe a lighter, corded version is what I need.

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I just had to resurrect this thread to say: Damn, this thing is heavy! I haven't used anything other than light-weight MS optical mice in forever. It's going to take me a while to get used to the MX1000


It's lighter than the MX700 though.

I finally got around to buying the MX1000. Very nice. It's an all around excellent upgrade over the MX700.

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I uninstalled the Logitech drivers and system utility. They suck. They make no provisions for use of the tilting wheel and I couldn't get the 'back' & 'forward' buttons to work with Firefox.


Running on stock WinXP mouse drivers I still have no use for the tilt wheel but at least the other buttons work as they should across all applications.

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