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Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory delayed into 2005

Angry the Clown

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...but they also put some much needed distance between Chaos Theory and Pandora Tommorrow.


Which I still don't own! I think there's good chance Pandora could make it into the budget price range in time for Christmas. I hope it does, though I need to get the better of the CIA HQ in the first game (yeah STILL!) before I progress. :)



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I agree; this is a good move on Ubisoft's part. It will keep the game from being crowded out in an already crowded market, and perhaps even give Prince of Persia: Warrior Within some room to sell a lot of copies. I only wish they had realized this before releasing Beyond Good & Evil. :(

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Team Xbox has news on the multiplayer aspects of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. I think people will be very happy as the spies vs. mercs online game Pandora Tommorrow brought to the table will be making a return with more maps, gadgets, co-op moves and a whole lot more! You can read about it here:


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory will include online head to head action!


Ubisoft's Montreal studio is developing both the single-player and cooperative multiplayer portions of the new game, while Ubisoft's Annecy studio, developers of the Pandora Tomorrow versus mode, is creating the versus multiplayer campaign. The versus multiplayer gameplay of Pandora Tomorrow completely revolutionized online gaming, and with Chaos Theory, this competitive, addictive game mode continues to evolve.


"Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow offered an exciting multiplayer revolution with the first multiplayer online hide & seek gameplay ever. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory expands this experience by adding a new and innovative co-operative multiplayer gameplay, where the player will have to work with a partner to gather intel, using stealth and smarts," said Florence Alibert, Marketing Director for Ubisoft's EMEA territories. "With Chaos Theory, the latest and greatest instalment in the Splinter Cell franchise, gamers will be able to enjoy both styles as they work together to prevent a global conflict of epic proportions, or fight against each other in the addictive adversarial mode."

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I'm happy to hear that the versus multiplayer will make a return. It would seem like an incomplete package with out it.


However, I'm definitely more interested in the co-op mode at this point. The thought of playing through levels of Splinter Cell with a buddy is really exciting.

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