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Star Wars DVD under 40 dollar

Rob B

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So here's the deal


you go to Target and pick Up Star Wars Battle front for ether PS2 Or XBOX pay for it at the electronics counter you will get a free $10 gift card with your purchase.


Then on your way out of the store grab your WIDE SCREEN copy of the trilogy and pay for it on your way out and use the gift card and you get the trilogy for like $37



This is a great deal/scam if you were paining on picking up both the movie and the game if you haven't already done so.

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I bought Sly Cooper II last week at Circuit City for $39 and got a $10 gift card. Today I'm going to use Fry's add and have them price match at CC for $38 and use the giftcard, dropping my price to $28 plus tax. :green:


Then I head over to Best Buy and use a Gamers Gift Card for Battlefront.


Oh happy day :P:P:P:P:P

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