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Xmen Legends

Romier S

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Picked this up on my lunch break today. As most everyone already knows I'm a fan of this type of action RPG (ie Baldurs' Gate Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath) and considering this features the Xmen it was an easy sell for me. Raven (known for its FPS prowess) developed the game and to sweeten the pot they apparently included 720p support for the Xbox version of the game (it's also coming to the PS2)! A few sources have already confirmed this though I will be happy to do confirm it also when I get home tonight. I only wish this had an online component. 4 player support is in though, so it should be a great party game.


Gamespot posted thier review here:




As did IGN:



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Ok a few quick things:


-The game is definitely 720p and looks lovely on a hi-def set. Highly recommend playing it as such if you have the capability to do so.


-Legends is a fairly straightforward action RPG. Most of what it does is conventional but it doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. The Xmen name is put to great use as the cel shaded characters look awesome and the game at time feels like the old arcade machine with a nice RPG layer thrown on top of it.


-The ability to control 4 characters at once (along with leveling up and outfitting each one with items/armor etc. gives the game enormous variety!). You can switch characters on the fly with a flick of the directional pad and once you begin to accumulate Xmen, up to four other players can join in. Whats especially cool are the combo moves you can do with multiple characters. Firing off certain mutant attacks with a pair of characters in the proper sequence will assault the enemy with a combo move. For instance Wolvie and Colossus can do the vaunted "Fastball Special" (w00t!).


-The entire level design for the mansion is lifted straight out of the Xmen movie. For those wondering if they would get a more comic slanted experience rest assured Raven has made sure those familiar with the movie will get a taste of what they want. You'll get to explore every nook and cranny of the Danger Room and even the room where Cerebro sits.


(Brian if you wanted to pick this up so that Rose would join you, I think it's a safe bet. Especially since you mentioned she's a fan of the X movies!)


-The voice acting is at times excellent and at other times simply mediocre. Patrick Stewart provides the voice for Professor X. In a bit of suprise Lou Diamond Phillips provides the voice for Forge and in reading the credits I noticed Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder on Buffy and Quark on DS9) provides the voice for Toad. The rest of the cast is made up of unknowns. Most of the Xmen sound pretty good (especially Wolvie) while the enemies bring back memories of the old Captain America and the Avengers arcade machine (YOU WILL NOT GO! FREEDOM WILL PREVAIL!....UGH)


I only played for about two hours or so but I like game quite a bit. It has the same appeal games like Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance and Norrath have. The Xmen license sweetens the deal. As does the ability to have four friends join in the fun. The only thing missing is online compatability (The Xbox is sorely in need of a game like this on Live!).

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but it's definitely not going to win any beauty awards


I don't think it's an unattractive game. It certainly isn't racing up the top ten of best looking videogames this generation but it's not on the other side of the spectrum, reserving a space in the list of worst looking ones either. The focus was definitely placed on the character models/mutant powers (which look nice and animate well) and less so on the environments. I do however enjoy the fact that Raven made so much of the environment interactive and destructible. Once the fire fights start you can really wreak some serious havoc. :tu:

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Finally got to spend some time with XML last night and had a very good time doing so. They've captured the feel of the comics way better than I expected them to, and the presentation & "feel" of it is spot on. There's been a lot of care & attention poured into this game & I gotta give Raven some props for it - I honestly didn't think it'd turn out this fun.


Just about finished the first "big" mission, though I've yet to face off against Toad. Danger Room works well, character switching works well, like the tagteaming of powers. I don't like how easy it is to fall down a chasm & die though...


I can understand complaints about the graphics, to me they're nice enough & capture the look just fine. I love the destructability of the environments though, it's so damn cool to just punch through walls.


I like!

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Rented this over the weekend. Honestly, I would rather play Champions of Norrath or Baulders Gate. I just can't get into it. The Mutant Powers are cool and all, but the camera really gets on my nerves and too many of the characters look alike. Which brings us to the graphics. Very plain jane. I like that the developers tried to go with this look, but to me they just didn't pull it off.


The destructible environments are awesome, and I like the Power combos, but that is about it. I can't quite put my finger on why I cannot get into this game. Maybe it is because I have played too many new games that are just out of this world and something like this just comes off as average.



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A friend picked this up last night (Xbox version) and it looks cool! I only had a chance to play for a few minutes (made it to Mystique). Found out how to boost Wolfie's healing factor (which helped immensely) and managed to beat her.


I was a little thrown off that you couldn't jump in with 2 - 4 players initially. How long does it take before you start unlocking other playable characters. Is it after a showdown with The Blob? It seems like he is the boss of level one (by the big footprints).


This game would have been a blast on Live. :cry:

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