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nic cage...


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I just watched matchstick men last night for the second time...and i realized that cage is pretty awesome. really just a solid actor. he was great in raising arizona and def the rock as well. now he has national treasure coming out and that looks like its gonna be pretty sweet as well...looks more like the rock than matchstick men, but still solid.


so whats ya'lls take on him?

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How about Cage playing Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider?


I'm a huge fan of the Ghost Rider comic and I was more than disappointed to read that.


I'll more than likely give the movie a watch nonetheless. Too much a fan of the character not too really. As long as he's a flaming skull the majority of the time, all will be well. ;)

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Personally, I think Cage is a horrible actor. I agree that Raising Arizona was pretty good. But since then, he has just played a bunch of parts that could have just as easily been played by any other actor. I don't make it a point to dislike many actors, but Cage is at the top of my bad actors list. Not to crap on all the praise he is getting in this thread, just wanted to show you guys that there are people on the other side of the fence. :)

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Hoolieman. (stop)


First off...great avatar! (stop)


second...its fine to express the opposite side...but he's a solid actor...Adaptation was great. His list of movies is nothing to be ashamed of IMO...ok...maybe Con Air. BUT...other than that i think he's really good...he's funny as hell too. i bet national treasure is the same way...just dry humor the only way cage can do it. have some faith homie.

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