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3 New Socom 2 Maps coming


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eseals sent an email out with the following info:


Will the levels, in fact, require the HDD?

Yes. The levels currently require the HDD to play. (HDD MSRP $99.00.)


Is the OPM disc going to be the only channel through which the levels are made available?

The OPM disc will be a method of distribution for the first two levels. We will announce at a later date how the third map will be distributed.


Regardless of the delivery method, how big (in terms of file size) will these levels be?

The individual map files are about 15-20MB in memory, but we compress them for storage on the HDD. They are only about 5-6MB on the HDD. However, when you enable the HDD option in SOCOM II it will create a 256MB section for all SOCOM II downloadable data to be stored in.


How big are the new levels in relation to the older ones?

It varies, but some of them are about double the size of the average SOCOM II maps that shipped on the disc. We wanted to create some levels with a different feel and we noticed that we did not have as many large levels in SOCOM II as we would have liked, so all of the HDD levels are on the larger size.


Should clear up whether or not you do in fact need the HDD.

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