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Any Turbo Graphix 16 fans out there?


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I dug mine out of a box a while back and it still worked!!


That system had so many awesome games, was never one of the big boys but it kicked ass.


Some of my favs:


World Class Baseball

Blazing Lazers

Splatterhouse :P

Neutopia 1&2 (zelda ripoff but still cool)

TV Sports Football "High Mom"

Battleroyal (awesome multiplayer wrestling game)


Anyone else out there remember these?

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Rented it a bunch of times. The TG-16 would have done way better if they'd released with Bonk, who was an awesome kick-ass mascot back in the day. I have fond memories of the first game.


Also, another notable game was the sweeet Dungeon Explorer, which allowed something like four players to go Gauntlet-style, that was ahead of its time (not to mention required the not-included multi-tap).


Oh, and that conversion of the old Vigilante arcade game that was spot on. Always remember that game for being kinda alright but always drawing a crowd back in the day :).

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Hehe forgot about Alien and Devil's crush, two awesome pinball games.


Dungeon Explorer was one of many fun multi player games, bomberman was also good and there was a fun rc pro am rip off that was lots of fun too.


Ahh the good old days :).

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Military Madness, Bomberman, And my all time FAV. MotoRotor w/5 of your closest friends. Ah the sh!t that use to go down playing that game :lmfao: Wish you were all there, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

Now I'll be spending the next few days trying to track down where that system went.


Thanks for the memories!

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I used to play some pinball game (can't remember the title) and Davis Cup Tennis on TG16, they we're both great, and way ahead of thier time as far as graphics. I remember playing Super Nintendo and then going back to my TG16 and often enjoying the TG much more.


My other TG games: Keith Courage, Gradius, Tail Spin, and Golf, and more that I can't remember.

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I loved loved loved MotoRoader! Man the memories. I spend a summer either in the swimming pool at Grandma's house, or upstairs playing this game with my brother and cousins. It introduced me to the phrase: ...and the rich get richer...


The system had some other great sports games as well: Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Baseball...


Then there was Bonk, R-Type, Keith Courage, the list goes on and on. Too bad our TG16 system died years ago and was thusly donated.

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I picked one up years ago for $20 to play Alien Crush and Galaga 90. Didn't use it a heck of a lot, but it did have a few good games.


I remember when my friend had a NES and a TG and the TG was the system you played waiting for your turn on the NES :) (I'd still rather play Punch Out, SMB3 and Adventure Island over Keith Courage).

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There's a great 12 page retrospective on the NEC PC Engine/Turbo Grafix in this month's Edge magazine (#127). I had to control myself not to charge up my Visa hunting one down on Ebay after reading it. The screenshots of some of the shooters seem to rival that of the Saturn! How does it compare? I'd love to play Dracula X, Splatterhouse, and Ghouls 'n Ghosts (which they write is better than the Mega Drive revision)...

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