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Full Spectrum Warrior DL content on the way


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Originally posted by dogbert@Oct 4 2004, 06:04 PM

Well, the first level is now available for download, as long as you're willing to pay for it - it's premium content, $5. The extra level is from the PC version by the way, as is the level for the second pack (also premium, I believe).

I certainly don't regret trading it in now. I enjoyed the game on Live, but not enough to pay for another level.



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I'm not one to usually voice a complaint about premium content in general but this strikes me as a somewhat ridiculous move. If this were "original" content, and by that I mean a map built specifically for the Xbox game I could understand the charge. However, ten dollars for two maps that are readily available on the PC game? No thanks, I see nothing "premium" about it.

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Gotta agree with Romier on this one. I feel the same way.


I don't have the PC version, but for some reason knowing that this was included on the PC version, and that we have to pay 5$ for it, is not appealing to me. I'm going to pass on it as well. Especially knowing there will be another download, that will probably cost 5$ as well.



And to top it off, the PC version came out for $39.99 I believe, and it included the two maps.

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I sold the game off, but if I didn't there is no way I would have laid out 5 bucks for a couple of levels that have virtually NO replayability!


Cars for PGR2 and courses for Links you can play over and over, online or whatever. Selling a map for a game that most of us consider non-replayable is just ridiculous. I bet they don't sell much of this 'premium' content.

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That is definitely shitty. I was looking forward to this but, paying 10 bucks for a couple of downloads that are available on a CHEAPER version of this game, already!??!


Pandemic must overrate themselves.


Hopefully, enough Xbox gamers will feel the same way as we do, and maybe, Pandemic will notice that no one is buying the download, and maybe, they'll reconsider their stupid decision.



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