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I need some Advice

Rob B

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So here's my dilemma....


About 6 months to a year ago I had been trying to get a Job at a Home Theater/Appliance Store.


I am a fairly regular customer at this store I have bought my Reicvier, Washer, Dryer, and chest freezer from there. I'm not saying this reason enough to give me the job, but I would have at least liked an interview. Since the owner and some of the other sales people now that I know more than the average person in the home theater area I figured that since they were hiring an getting an interview would be no problem. I was wrong.

After finding out they had hired someone else less qualified in the sales aspect, in my opinion, I gave up.


I did get a different job, which is were I am working now and I like a lot. I get along really well with my boss, the asst manager and the other two people. I like that I don't work nights or weekends. They also WANT me to move up to sales, where I'd start out at 1800 a month plus commissions.


I got an E-Mail the other day from the owner of the Home Theater place asking me if I would be still be interested in working for them. :shock: Information that would been useful to me in May, which is when they hired that other guy.


So now I don't know what I should do. Fastenal is a great place to be working for but it?s not necessarily the type of Sales that I want to be doing. I'd like to have a home theater store someday. So it would seem that the decision would be easy, but it not.

These are a few reasons why.


1. When I was going though the process of trying to land an interview at Home source I felt I was getting the run around.


2. Fastenal has been a very great, easy going, I have a voice, kind of place to work for. In the short time I have been there I already obtained one raise.


3. Home source is open in the evenings and on Saturday.


4. Home Theater is my true passion tools and bolts are not but it?s a good learning experience for sales.


5. I feel like I have "bonded" with my boss and consider him a friend and I would find it difficult to say I am quitting is offered the job at home source.


6. I know that I would do very well at home source


7. Fastenal "wants" me to be done with school and become a salesman for them


8. Home Source and Fastenal are both great stepping-stones for me to achieve my goal.


So that?s my dilemma, mainly because I'm too nice of a person perhaps.


I got an E-mail again today letting me know there're a few positions open right now and he would like to meet with me so we can talk about them.


So do you guys have any thoughts on this situation?

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Stay where you are, at least for now. You seem to enjoy it, you've already gotten a raise, they're offering a promotion, and it's still a stepping stone for your ultimate goal. You also have to wonder why they suddenly have room for you at the home theater store. Rapid turnover usually doesn't speak well of an employer.

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Fastenal is a very good company from what I've heard. Because you have a family to consider as well, the best thing to do right now is finish school so that you can move up to be a salesman there. I don't think Home Source is going to offer the same kind of job security that you would get at Fastenal.

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Figure with sales experience under your belt, you can move where you want to be later. Selling home theater probably isn't that different from selling other stuff, once you have sales experience it translates.


I would be tempted to call the home theater place and tell them you are unsure of the job since it felt like a run around. How they react to that question might tell you a lot more of what their attitude is to you and their employees.


Better to chose between two good jobs than pining for one at any rate.

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If you feel good about where you are and it still gets you closer to where you ultimately want to be, stay there.


Its hard to find a good company and a good boss. The fact that you've already received a raise speaks hugely of the company. It appears that they know how to take care of their employees and that is a sometimes rare trait to come by.

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Maybe tell your boss that you've really enjoyed working for him and say something along the lines of "these other people keep coming back to me with offers, but it just isn't worth it given how much I like my job here." This way your boss is on notice that 1) you're loyal, but 2) you're in demand.


I don't know your boss, so your actual approach might sound very different, but you might want to think about that.

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Don't change jobs would be my opinion.


They often say that working in an environment related to your hobby is not necessarily a good thing and can actually push you away from it. This can be very true.


Also regardless of your love for HT stuff, You may(probably not) be able to apply that to sales in that industry. Most people don't care about proper placement, OAR, and what you think. It's VERY difficult to combine your passion with a job.

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Originally posted by exile@Sep 25 2004, 10:58 AM


Also regardless of your love for HT stuff, You may(probably not) be able to apply that to sales in that industry. Most people don't care about proper placement, OAR, and what you think. It's VERY difficult to combine your passion with a job.

That is deffinetly true I ran into that even working at Target, when I would try and expaln why widescreen is better than Fullscreen or Pan & Scam

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  • 4 months later...

I'm so glad I decide to stay with Fastenal Looking back at this thread I can't believe I was even considering another option.


I have now finished school and stand to have a really good chance of becoming an Assistant General Manager for a new store that will be opening in a couple months.

What in the fudge was I thinking :wtf

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