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My little giant has arrived!!


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One of the greatest moments in my life! Truly!


Right now Mommy is in the Maternity ward still in a bit of pain but is doing a bit better and is soon to return home. First off Matthew Joseph was born on 9/23/04 at about 6:50am weighing in at 9lbs, 10oz and was 22-3/4 in. long.

He looked as long as my arm.. :shock: Matthew is doing well, but unfortunately had to be brought down to NICU do to some breathing issues. They have him in an isolette connected to an IV, heart monitors and oxygen. They have been giving him antibiotics just to prevent any possible infections and to treat what the diagnosed as a Pnuemothorax, which from what I understand means that the outer lung has a pocket of a air and fluid build up causing less space or lung capacity for his oxygen in turn causing some erratic breathing. Hopefully we can bring him home in a few days but it depends on how well he recovers. We are concerned but have high hope that he will pull thought this without the need for any surgical procedures do to the breathing issues.


While typing I got a call from my wife who just saw the Doctor and he told her that Matthew is really showing signs of improvement so he hopes to be able to send him home with us by Monday. I can?t wait! :lol:

Since you?re pretty much all my extended family,

feel free to have a look.


Sorry if I miss out on any matches I had scheduled this week. I will try and get on later in the week if I can. Thanks for your understanding. Talk to you soon.

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Congrats! 18 months from now you'll be in the same boat as me, trying to keep the little one from opening the X Box (dammitt, why does it have to power up and open at the push of that button?!), chasing the kid away from those way-too-expensive-and-could-never-afford-them-now speakers, and having a great time overall! :tu:

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