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Help! Name this game....


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I have a memory of playing an arcade game. It was a vertical scrolling commando type game.


You were an army guy marching forward, and you had sandbags to hide behind. You had a machine gun, and I think you could lob grenades too.


Eventually, you came to a fort, and the scrolling stopped while you battled a bunch of enemy that popped out of windows. I *think* you could play two-player simultaneous also.


This is really all I remember. Let me know if this rings a bell.




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I agree with Failsafe, the shooting plus grenades sounds a LOT like Ikari Warriors to me.


My other guess beyond that would be Guerilla War, which had similar premiseness.


Both had two-player co-op as well.


Ooh, I think Guerilla War may have been an NES cart only. KLOV doesn't seem to have it listed at any rate.

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Hmm, no I don't think it was either of these. It was definitely a US arcade game. I remember spending many quarters on this game.


Based on the screen shots of Ikari Warriors, it looks very similar, but I'm pretty sure this wasn't it. It had more of a US commando-type theme. Maybe against the Russians or Nazis.




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Originally posted by Carlucci@Sep 25 2004, 09:53 AM

Guess what, I just found it. It was called, of all things, Commando.


Here's the KLOV Description


Looks like it was a Data East release, so I doubt it has ever appeared on any compilation or console.




I knew that used to play it alot too.


I was going to post it. I was just reading through the replays to see if anyone had the answer and you of all pepole did.







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