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Has anyone seen this? I stumbled across it last week and it was VERY funny.


Here's some of the review from RevolutionSF:

This series throws the contents of your average Gen-Xer's brain into a blender, adds in some nitrous, spices things with a definite Japanese animation sensibility, and mashes the "puree" button. ... It features karaoke sonic weapons, DDR machines used as manual backup controls, ... the one and only Bruce Campbell guest-starring as a wrestling promoter who's just a giant floating head with little dangly arms and legs (thus bearing a suspicious resemblance to Marvel Comics' oddball villain Modok), and enough "Transformers" riffs to make this particular reviewer's inner fanboy very, very happy.


The best thing about this whole show is the way it takes none of it seriously. It doesn't even take ITSELF seriously. The characters are likeable, but are often the objects of this series' humor as much as the pop-culture references are.


Here's a link to the show's page on Cartoon Network:





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Looks for it this Saturday efvening at 9pm on the Cartoon Network.


In the episode I saw, near the beginning, the guys threw something gigantic into a nearby building. I actually thought "It's funny how cartoons and comics usually skirt the issue of all the people who get crushed."


Then the camera showed the top of the building where it had it's name put up. It was a pretty brief shot, but it was enough for me to read it's name: "DOT COM" -- and underneath it "... so obviously unoccupied."

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The best part of that episode is that it wasn't even as funny as the one I saw last week!


Did you catch the alien's PDA in the beginning that looks suspiciously like a GameBoy? It even had a notch cut off one of the corners.


And I loved it when they deployed they're Universal Planet Destroyer that kept telescoping, down to a fixed sight on the very end that popped up.



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