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Mario Pinball Land


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I got an email from Nintendo today, part of my subscription to Nintendo Power that I bought for the Zelda compilation disc. The subject was a game that I had not heard of prior to now, and one that I very much want, especially after visiting the website.


Mario Pinball Land


Why have I not heard of this game before now?


Originally posted by "Nintendo Email"

Mario Pinball Land for Game Boy Advance is headed your way! What starts as a fun day at the fair ends in disaster when Princess Peach gets flug far off into Bowser's Castle. In order to saver her, Mario squishes himself into a ball and blasts across the Mushroom Kindom. Now, he's ricocheting off Goombas and Koopa Troopas and collecting the magical Star keys in a pinball adventure unlike any other!


Explore your way across over 30 boards, from frozen wastelands to sandy deserts, and collect Stars, Coins, and unique Power-ups!


Roll your way through the Mushroom Kingdom in Adventure Mode or, for a quick challenge, beat your best time in Time-Attack mode!


Purchase Power-ups from Toad to plow through your enemies and discover secret areas. Uncover new paths, minigames and more!


Unique gameplay challenges mix pinball and adventure elements to create exciting action and puzzle-based tasks.


Mario Pinball Land will be available on October 4. For more information, visit http://www.MarioPinballLand.com!

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There were some brief rumbles about the game around the time of E3, but with the DS and Zelda and the Metroid sequel, it's easy to see how it was lost in the shuffle.


It's playable at most of the Nintendo kiosks that have been setup for the Donkey Konga demo.


I gave it a shot and it was interesting, but seemed very easy... perhaps just to get you hooked though.



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