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Compare sizes of GBA, DS, PSP, NGauge, GBN screens

Beer Monkey

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Originally posted by Failsafe@Sep 29 2004, 09:54 PM

What is the GBN? Is that the original Gameboy? Feel free to mock me after giving me the answer. :P

Okay, dumbass. Whatever you say. :green:


Seriously though, I don't know what the GBN is, but I sincerely doubt it's the original GameBoy. I no longer have my GB from back in the day, but I do know that it was never that big.


Secondly, I can't believe how big the PSP screen is! One nice thing about this comparison is that you can get a relative idea for how big the unit may be. Going off of the various pictures on the Net, you can begin to understand where the various buttons may fall and how they might feel. I was particularly concerned about the positioning of the analog stick, but now I'm beginning to think that it may be quite comfortable after all. This is all obviously a poor substitute for holding one in my hand for real, but it will have to do for now.

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Originally posted by Failsafe@Sep 30 2004, 07:21 AM

Okay, dumbass. Whatever you say. icon_mrgreen.gif

Hey! You didn't give me an answer. Dems fightin' words! ;)


I'm trying to dig out my old GB to see, but I seriously doubt that's it.

I have seen GCN in relation to Game Cube Nintendo


I have a theroy, and no it's not bunnies, That it could be GBN = Game Boy Nintendo

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I was under the impression GBN was 'Game Boy Nintendo' like the abbreviation for Game Cube is GCN. It's that silly out-of-order abbreviation that, for whatever reason, has stuck.

That said, the screen size in that image is too big for any varients of the original Game Boy.

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It turns out that the screen size for the PSP in that image was way too large. A PSP dev told me that it was smaller than that, so I checked. When I printed it, even though the GBA screen fit my console perfectly when I cut it out and overlayed it, the PSP screen was printing as 5.75" diagonally. It's actually 4.3" diagonally, which means it was overrepresented by 81% surface area!


I've made my own updated diagram, not sure if it will print right but it should at least show a fairly accurate relative comparison.


click here


Based on my latest calculations, the PSP screen is about 96 % larger than the GBA screen, and about 67% larger than one of the DS screens (surface area).

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Originally posted by iCamp@Sep 30 2004, 03:29 PM

That said, the screen size in that image is too big for any varients of the original Game Boy.

No more so than the fact that the NGage screen is massively over-large and the wrong aspect ratio, so don't worry.


I did an A-B at launch, and the NGage screen was exactly what you get if you were to cut a GBA screen in half.

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