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DirecTV problems?


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For the last week or so, my DirecTivo is showing random jagged horizontal lines composed of large pixel blocks, on many different channels. Anyone else seeing this?


It is happening both on recorded shows and "live" TV, which of course goes throught the HDD buffer. I don't have a non-tivo receiver to test it out on. Rewinding the TIVO shows the exact same problem at the exact time, so it's on the recording.


Could this be a symptom of a DTivo about to go bad? I have had no other problems otherwise.



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Hmm, I just had a similar problem after the recent software update.


Did you get the 3.1.1d software update?

If so, check the signal strength on your tuners. One of my tuners developed a problem getting a signal with the odd transponder #s after the update. After unplugging the cables & re-inserting them, it seems to have gone away.


It might be worth checking out, as I noticed a couple of other people have had similar reports at Tivo Community Forums after the software update.

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