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Your "COOOL" moments in gaming this year...

Mark E

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Hey, I thought it would be interesting to look back at the year thus far (and beyond, we can always resurrect) and see what memorable moments people have encountered in gaming this year. I don't necessarily mean games released this year, but anything you've played in 2004 in general.


The genesis of this concept was Pikmin 2, which managed to achieve in half an hour one of the most memorable things I'd seen this year. The sight of 20 Pikmin running around with a Duracell battery. Very cute.


Other cool things I've seen this year? (Possible spoilers, but I'll try and curb them!)


Beyond Good & Evil - The final sequence wasn't bad, but what really blew me away in this game was that kick-ass space battle that preceeded it. The controls on the ship didn't feel like they'd been thrown together and it was a joy to try and stick it to the man.


SSX 3 - Best version of this series yet. The 25-minute peak run from the top of Peak 3 to the bottom of Peak 1 was one of the most memorable and exhilirating moments I've had lately. Nothing like listening to Basement Jaxx as you slide in for the win.


That's a couple of mine, anybody else have anything cool happen in gaming this year? ;)

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I have a few


1)SW:Battlegrounds when we discoverd that one can fly the snowspeeder while the other shoots the harpoon and towcable. Sweetness


2)City of Heroes in general. Never thought id play a massive online game like it.


3)Playing WWE Day of Reckoning with some fellow lcvg friends and seeing Kurt Angle do a back flip off the top of the hell in a cell on top of the rock in the middle of the ring,


There are a few more but those are the more recent ones. I wont bring up Samba or DDR ;)



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3)Playing WWE Day of Reckoning with some fellow lcvg friends and seeing Kurt Angle do a back flip off the top of the hell in a cell on top of the rock in the middle of the ring,


Man, whoever did that must have been really cool and also an excellent gamer.


Kinda like that guy with the Power Glove from The Wizard.

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Off the top of my head I can think of three... I'll add more later.


1) Actually hitting a Hole In One while playing Links online with some LCVGers


2) Spouting Star Wars lines with Romier when we got into the AT-AT's in Star Wars Battlefront


3) Actually figuring out what play my last opponent was going to call during an ESPN NFL League game. The defense went one way - I went the other,& now the Patriots are 3-0 :)

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Great topic, Mark :tu:


1) Playing a game of ESPN NFL2K4 with Romier and running a kickoff back 90+ yards only to start taunting and getting decked on the 1 yard line.


2) My utter lack of spelling during the respec trial in CoH (see sig for examples)


3) Teleporting a kill stealer in CoH into a group of Devouring Earth only to resurrect him in the same group :lol:


4) Linking up to a node in UT2K4 (Romier and Shawn will get this one :) )


I'm sure I'll think of more later :)

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4) Linking up to a node in UT2K4


I quit out of the game last night and started watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. About 20 minutes into the movie I literally busted out laughing cause "Dude we gotta link up" just sprung to mind. :lmfao: That was some funny stuff.

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Most of mine would be Live related.


1- Anything and everything that happened that first day of live play with Pandora Tomorrow.


2- First time I decapitated someone and kicked thier head away in Fable.


3- First time I brought down an AT-AT in Battlefront.


4- Anytime I see the words "Lord Darkness killed Adamsappel" from any Live game. ;)

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Finally, finally beating the EVIL void level in Mario Sunshine that has the bit with the triple-jump onto the moving platforms followed by the bouncy rope bit (Noki Bay?)


OutRun2 - Arcade machine. Everything about it, but mainly powersliding around the outside of turns to overtake my wife in 2-player.


Seeing us LCVGers dominate the Midway Arcade Treasures scoreboards. Klax saw something like 5 or 6 of us in the worldwide top 30.


Also on Midway, actually understanding how to play Sinistar. Its only taken me the best part of 20 years.

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For me, one of the most memorable moments was the first time we hooked up four GBAs to my GameCube and spent an entire night playing The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Aside from the fact that Bobbio had drunk so much beer that he got sick, it was really amazing to see how much fun a four-player Zelda game could be. The way the combat required the four Links to work together, the constant search for more and more Force Gems, and the way you all get ranked at the end of each level make this one of those games that requires all the players to take a blood oath that they'll still be friends once it's all over. Believe me, among some of us, there was some real physical violence occurring towards the end of the game! :shock:


Beating Viewtiful Joe on V-Rated mode definitely ranks as one of my "COOOOL" moments this year. For those of you who think this is a butt-fucking hard game on Adults mode, you won't believe the ass ramming you'll get on V-Rated mode. The worst part was getting past the first half of chapter five. They throw three tanks, three jets, several dozen elite black ninja troops, black ninjas with swords, black ninjas with bazookas, and at least a half-dozen giant gorilla-sized baddies that knock off half your hearts if they hit you. If that weren't enough, they make you go through an underground section where floating platforms hover over scorching lava, requiring you to jump from platform to platform while avoiding the guys dropping bombs on you. It took me at least four days to get past this part. When I say that, I mean that every hour I put into video games on those days was spent playing this one level on Viewtiful Joe. In comparison, when I played Halo on Legendary, it took me roughly an hour to get past the part where you first beam into The Truth and Reconciliation.


Speaking of which, beating Halo on Legendary rocked big time. It feels good to be part of the club. :D


There's probably more, but it's late and time for bed. I'll add more as I think of them.

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Hmm good topic:


*Playing Pandora Tomarrow online for the first time. Too many "cool" moments to list.


*Getting 6 kills during a 6 vs 6 team adversarial match in Rainbow Six 3. No none of those kills were against my own team. :)


*Crash mode in Burnout 3. Nuff said.


*Playing FarCry on my new computer with all the details cranked.


*Voice messaging on XBL.


*Sinking a hole in one in Links 2004.


*Racing the F1 cars in Toca Race Driver.


*The PDA and menu interface system in Doom 3.



thats all I can think of at the moment. I'll add more later.

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The 1st time taking down an At-At in Battlefront. I was driving the Speeder and I believe Joey was shooting the tow cables.


Pandora Tomorrow online. Hanging from the beam in the Warehouse level and just picking the mercs off while my teammate diffused.


Def Jam Fight for NY: Finally learning the control system and just seeing the utter violence of the beat downs. :)


Burnout 3: Playing this online for the 1st time.


Psi-Ops: When fighting Barret (2nd Boss fight). He was using TK to throw crates and I Used my TK to catch it in mid-air and toss it back at him.


Psi-Ops: Mind-controlling an enemy and having them commit suicide by putting the gun in their mouth. :tu:


Fatal Frame: Walking down that hallway at the begining of the game, the one with all the chains.


Prince of Persia: The entire game just screamed cool. Also had one of the best endings to a game in a long time.


Seeing me son play Dance Dance Revolution Extreme last night (he is 1 :) ).



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Mine are pretty simple, but they are still "COOOL" moments to me: :)


* Seeing a Banished Pantheon Totem in City of Heroes for the first time, and then getting close enough to one to hear the tribal drums sound that they emit.


* Romier and Brian finally showing me what the big deal is about Rez. :tu:


* Trip Mine + Nova!! (CoH again)


* Finally beating the end boss of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.


* Seeing the short, scripted, "hidden" sequences in the chase scenes of Terminator:Redemption at Scott's house. The first time Romier hit one, the whole room just went "Ooooooh!" :)

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  • Being able to play DDR in workout mode for 15 minutes without getting winded
  • 10-player, 10 hour Halo-thon at my last LAN party (as much as I say I'm sick of it, it was still friggin' insane)
  • Seeing the crash physics for the fist time in Burnout 3
  • Beating Chronicles of Riddick :twisted:
  • Online grenade battle in Rainbow Six 3 :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:
  • Finishing Spinshot (a game I created)
  • Being surprised at how much I loved Star Wars Battlefront
  • Playing the Def Jam Fight for NY demo and watching us take turns on it for three hours (the demo was that good, the real game is even better)
  • Playing Katamari Damacy for the first time and laughing my ass off
  • Super Monkey Ball 2 marathon in Chicago
  • That stupid flash game with the Yeti hitting the penguin with the baseball bat (MOST ADDICTIVE GAME EVAR)

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Ninja Gaiden - The moment when the controls finally "clicked" and I became an unstoppable death machine.


Katamari Damacy - The first time I rolled a person. It was on a level with a 1 meter goal, and you need about 1.25 to roll a kid. I was growing my ball as the time wound down, and I noticed that a little girl wobbled when I bumped into her. I frantically increased the size of my Katamari a bit, and rolled the girl just as time ran out.


Mega Man: AC - beating the last boss of Mega Man 2 without getting hit, and beating Crash Man with the arm cannon without getting hit


Circuit City - buying 30 games in one day



While this year has had a lot of fun games, looking back on it, most of them are pretty forgettable.

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Let see here



Purchacing an Xbox


Getting DSL


Getting XBL


Trying to Play Pandora Tomorrow live w/o a headset


Playing NFL2k5 against Dean Only to have hime fall asleep ;)


Crash Mode in Burnout Three


"Crash" Mode- finding out who could damage their Rally Car the most in RSC2


Taking down Sam P. in a AT-AT with a land speeder in Battlefront


Battle front with 21 people with a T1 connection- thanks again Mike


Four Swords with J.Fo,minus the puking, and the Hutch pack inculding loud guy who likes to hit.


Beyond Good and Evil..... what can I say?


Cat and Mouse on PGR2


Making J.fo my bitch in Mario Pary games


Kicking J.Fos ass On "Pilar levels" on DOA3 only to have him come back and really whoop my ass in SSBM


Beatting Games Like Halo, BG&E, Splinter Cell, And Pandora Tomorrow to name a few.


Setting up A "Live Date" for Battlefront and getting responses because I was finaly able to get a game the day it came out :lmfao:

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