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Help! Looking for Free Guestbook software...


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Hey guys,


I figured I'd check in to see if anyone has happened to try any free Guestbook software. My sister is looking to set up a very simple Guestbook on her website to act as a very simplified forum.


I've already tried convincing her to go with a more robust message board, but the people who post on the site seem to prefer something a lot more simple and straightforward.


This would be a single-thread guestbook - just one post right after the other. If it were something customizable and/or could include things like emoticons, that would be even better.


I'm a bit nervous about downloading any "free software", as most of it is probably riddled with spyware and other fun stuff. I was hoping that someone might have some experience with Guestbook software and feel comfortable recommending it to me.




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