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Vote for Mario!


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I havent paid much attention to the tournament at GameFaqs, but this really stood out with how close the votes were. I think I've checked it 3 times today and every time the votes are only about 300 apart out of (as of now) 90,000 votes total.


They did this last year and Crono and Mario also squared off to a close battle, with Mario ultimately getting the win. Crono's been in the lead most of today.

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I voted for Crono. I think Mario should win - but I do keep track at some things at GameFAQs - so I entered this contest. So far I'm doing above average.


Better than last year - I learned that almost any RPG characters have a fighting chance in this contest...

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Well, Mario won by about 200 votes or so. Apparantly Crono was winning most of the day, until Mario took the lead in the last 15 minutes.


To say the Gamefaqs boards then went apeshit would be an understatement. There are so many people taking that tournament so seriously it's crazy. Most said there were cheating involved, but the guy who runs it all stated that nothing looked fishy to him when he looked over the last votes.


Anyway, fun to watch, (gamefaqs board or not) and good the see the man make it through to the next round.

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