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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection


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I bought Street Fighter Anniversary Collection a few weeks ago, and while I've been enjoying the hell out of SF3, I've barely touched HyperSF2. It's because I've been getting my ass handed to me by the CPU - I'm lucky to beat the second character even on the "Easiest" difficulty setting.


I really don't remember the game ever being THIS hard... it's not even enjoyable for me at this point. Has anybody else got this and noticed a pumped-up difficulty level that's much harder than they remember?


Please don't bother telling me I just suck at the game, or that I don't know what I'm doing, because I've played Street Fighter games all my life. I was never great at them, but I think I'd gotten pretty good at them. I feel like I should be better at the game than this. I'm interested to hear what anyone else's experience with the difficulty level has been.

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