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In taking a look at the member accounts via the admin software I noticed that a great deal of our membership is using the "LCVG Classic" color scheme to view the forum. Now I am sure many members are aware of the option to change the forum skins but I thought I would post a bit of a primer for those that do not, as it may interest you to know that we have moved away from the old dark black and orange scheme from the old days.


For anyone interested in changing the forum skin you can simply do the folloing:


1. Click on the "My Controls" link at the top right of the forum window.

2. You will now see various options on the left hand side of the window.

3. Click on the "Skin and Languages" option.

4. You will three selections:

-LCVG Classic

-LCVG Current


5. Select the option you wish to view and click on the "Preview this Skin" button.

6. Select the skin you want to stay with and click on "Change my Account Options"


I'll see if I can get some screenshots done of each skin so you can take a quick peek in this thread. Hope this helps in getting you some information you may not have been privy too in the past.

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