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Jeremy's Boneyard Game Music Challenge III


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Welcome to the third entry into my (from now on) bi-weekly boneyard game music challenge! It will appear every second Sunday morning.


For those not familiar with how things work here, let me explain:


Starting with this (and subsequent challenges) there will be exactly five clips of music from consoles predating the current generation of systems. There will also be PC music clips here and there as well. These will only be from PC games that are over three years old.


I'll start off by not giving any hints (except the console which the song is from). I'll leave at this for 24 hours or so and check back. If a particular song is tripping you guys up, I'll help out, but not to the extent I did last time (I pretty much gave the answers).


The quality of each song has been downgraded to save bandwidth but should be more than adequate for this purpose. My apologies for some bad hiss on a couple of the songs. Keep in mind some of these were recorded ten years ago using very primitive methods. I didn't remove any hiss as I wasn't happy with some quick tests I did.


If you think you know an answer, please don't post the name of the song right away. Do something like this:


Song #1 - 100% sure

Song #2 - Pretty sure

Song #3 - No idea

Song #4 - Pretty sure


This will provide an opportunity for everyone who reads to give it a shot without fear of reading the answer. It will also be a gauge for me to see how people are doing. Also, I won't be dispensing any hints via PMs for a while.


Lastly (for anyone still reading!), I have come up with a difficulty system that I think will work well. Each challenge will increase in difficulty. I have rated each song's difficulty out of 5 (with 1 being very easy and 5 being on the brink of impossible). The number is in square brackets beside the system.


Alright, enough talk. Let's get it on!



Song #1 - PC [2]

Song #2 - SNES (sorry, bad hiss) [3]

Song #3 - PSX [3]

Song #4 - SNES (more hiss) [4]

Song #5 - PSX [2]


Difficulty Total = 14



Good Luck! I'll be watching. :green:

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Far be it from me to quibble, but I would totally lower the difficulty of #3 :green:


Oddly enough I'm 100% on the two PSX games. As in, bet my soul type of thing.


The first SNES one vaguely hints to me, but otherwise nada :P.


Hey, did that PC title start as shareware by chance?

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Originally posted by Pharmboy@Oct 3 2004, 10:16 AM

Far be it from me to quibble, but I would totally lower the difficulty of #3 :green:

Perhaps a "2" would have been more suitable. I'll keep it at 3 anyway and see how many people know it. There'll soon be no need for the number 2 anyway. :twisted:


Hey, did that PC title start as shareware by chance?

Possibly. I was only ever aware of the retail version.

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Yep, FF7 and C:SotN are the two I knew for sure.


I THOUGHT #2 was a MegaMan game, but also don't know which one. Since it's the SNES, I'm gonna have to assume it's one of the X titles; the slightly rock-esque riffs are par for the course in that series and I hear at least one section that sounds like a variation on the main theme.

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Great work guys, be prepared for the next one - it's got one that I will be shocked if anyone gets!


#1 - Worms United (Title Theme)

#2 - Street Fighter II (Guile's Stage) -thanks Cameron!

#3 - Final Fantasy VII (Gold Saucer Amusement Park)

#4 - Actraiser (World Map)

#5 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Tragic Prince)

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