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Xbox Live 2 Year Birthday Bash Events-10/8 updated


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With Xbox Live's 2nd year coming to completion, a series of events are going to be run by myself and a few others to celebrate the occasion. It all leads up to Halo 2's release party on Nov 9th. Here is a schedule of events so far. New Events will be added during the month. The person running the events is mentioned as well if you have any questions. Just PM them. Or if you would like to run a event just PM me and ill add it to the list. Lets have a fun month of gaming


Game Nights


10/14 Rainbow Six : Black Arrow Team Deatmatch Night 10 PM EST (CaptDS9E)



Other Events


10/23 Movie Night- Star Wars:A New Hope DVD Time TBD (Carlucci)

Join other LCVG members in live chat while watching a movie. Talk shit, make fun of the movie. And so on. Both movie events in the past have been a lot of fun



Coming Soon..

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