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Xbox PC USB Adapter question


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I just got a Xbox PC USB Adapter so I can use my xbox controllers to play pc games (Beyond Good & Evil an Silent Hill 4 to name a couple). However after downloading some drivers I noticed that the setup thing lets you map button configurations (y axis/x axis, dpad, and up to 20 something buttons) BUT it wont let you map any of the buttons to keyboard keys. This means I haven't been able to use it to play BG&E since the game doesn't appear to support a controller. I tried Silent Hill 4 with the controller and it works but the right analog stick isn't recognized in the game. Anyway does anyone know of any software that lets you map any usb device to keyboard functions? It would be extremely helpful. Thanks!



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Well I have yet to find any software that lets you map keyboard keys to the buttons on the xbox controller. Also the right analog stick still isn't recognized by the games I've tried. So basically I'm glad I got a cheap adapter because its been money down the drain at this point. :) I'm going to go controller hunting this week and see what else is out there. Oh and as for where I bought the adapter:





I'm going to download the POP2 demo and see if it works well with that game. I'll let you know how it turns out.



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