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Just bought a Genesis (well, Megadrive II, anyway)!


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My goodness, I'd forgotten just how monumentally addictive Sonic The Hedgehog is.


I'm not impressed with the naff RF signal, nor the bordered 50Hz of the PAL version, though. I don't suppose its possible to hack the thing into 60Hz is it? I've got machines for the price of one, though, so I'd be willing to attempt violence against the motherboard that would normally scare me.


Any recommendations, anyone? Currently I just have Sonic, Sonic+Knuckles (which appears to have guest level design from a 5-year-old, by the way), PGA Golf 2 (frankly funny its so dated) and Ecco 2 (similiarly difficult to the Dreamcast sequel that I never managed to get anywhere on), plus non-working carts of Micro Machines 96 and Sonic 2.

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