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Originally posted by adamsappel@Oct 5 2004, 03:06 PM

Hey, I couldn't sit and rap on the fly for three minutes.


Some of his rhymes were not work-safe, btw.

My bad. That's why I said to keep the volume down. I edited the first post to relect the language. Sorry allen.

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Did you guys know this kid now has his HIS OWN SHOW ON MTV?


It's a pretty wacky show verging on being entirely insane. In the episode I saw, he runs around a public street giving strangers yellow balloons with smilie faces on them and saying things like, "It's always raining in my mind!" "I have no soul!" :lmfao


The end segment, Snoop Dogg sees Andy watching him on TV, remarks how much Andy looks like him, Andy jumps into the TV to be Snoops Body Double, Snoop puts a pancake on his face, Andy's neighbor jumps in the TV with him, and Snoop bitch slaps them both.


Like I said... Weird. Click here for some videos from his show. The "Spoons" clip is hilarious :D I wonder if he was discovered because of that video that started floating around the net?


Here is the original video that was in the first post http://gorillamask.net/crispy.shtml

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