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Importing movies into iMovie stops after 5-10 secs


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I'm trying to import some video from my sisters JVC GR-DV500u digital camera. It imports for about 5-10 seconds then stops.


I don't think its my powerbook since I imported a video from a different camera and it worked fine.


my 12" powerbook has 768 mb of ram and over 40 gigs free on the hard drive. its the current g4 1.33ghz model.

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I've hardly used iMovie, so I can't say what the problem might be. You might want to open the console (in applications->utilities), look at the log and see if iMovie shows up there reporting errors.


Does the importing always stop at the same location(s) in the footage?


This is the kind of question I would post at the ArsTechnica mac forum - I suspect someone will have an idea of what might be wrong.

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