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Mortal Kombat :Deception night. Tonight at 9 PM ES


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Ill start up a live chat room right after "Lost" is over tonight at 9 PM EST. We will wait for a 5-10 minutes to let people join in on the room. We will then break up into matchups and rotate opponents every 5 match's or so. So join in for some fun action



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Thanks to Chris (Ruffneck) and Joey for some great games tonight. Played all about 17 or so matches between the two of them and had a great time. I do hope more people end up getting Mortal Kombat. I am just more and more amazed at how smooth the online play is. Not even a remote hint of lag in any of the matches I have played so far. :tu:

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I'd be glad to get some games in this weekend. I suck at the game right now though. Fighting games have never been a strong point.



Edit: Oh btw I did try the puzzle games with a buddy on launch day. I enjoyed the Tetris clone alot but got my ass handed to me in the chess one because of my sucky fighting ability. Once I learn each characters moves however I think the chess game will be fun. I like the idea.

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