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Official Nintendo DS Games thread

The Daisy

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I decided to kick off a thread just for the DS games as we get more info about them.


I'll post links to the individual games in the thread as they get added.


Tiger Woods DS


Jump! Super Stars


DS Launch Lineup


Final Fantasy III








Feel the Magic XY/XX


Animal Crossing DS


Mario 64 DS


Metroid Prime: Hunters


Ridge Racer DS


Yoshi's Touch and Go


Spiderman 2 DS


Asphalt: Urban DS


Zoo Keeper


Rayman DS


Ping Pals




Pac Pix


Madden NFL DS


Advance Wars DS



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There's an article at USA Today that spells out some details concerning the launch of the DS. As far as the games go, here's what it says:


Though the final lineup has not been determined, Nintendo expects to have eight to 10 games ready ? including such familiar names as Mario 64 DS, The URB: Sims in the City, Madden NFL and Spider-Man 2, as well as new titles such as Asphalt GT ? when it launches Nov. 21. The DS will cost $149.99, games $29.99.


More information will surely come out later today as Nintendo announces the full details of the launch. I, for one, am very happy to see games priced at $30 apiece.

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Another article at 1Up:




I'm happy to see it confirmed that the PictoChat software is built into the system, as well as the $29.99 price for the games. However:


Today's announcement doesn't nail down a specific price point for DS software. The lower limit, however, will be $29.99, suggesting that some titles may reach higher console-esque price points.


Games I'll purchase on launch for sure:


Feel the Magic XY/XX

Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits

Rayman DS

Super Mario 64 DS


I'll have to wait and see on some of the others..

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The home page for Mizuguchi's DS game: "Meteos" is now open!




looks like you're playing Asteriods and Tetris at the same time... :?


There's also a nice update with sceenshots and descriptions of many DS games at 1Up:




Meteos: Another Bandai-published project from Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Meteos blends block-dropping puzzle action with some other curious gameplay elements -- apparently, the goal is to eventually launch all your blocks back up into orbit. Definitely a game to look out for, even if it doesn't look quite so visually sharp as Mizuguchi's PSP game Lumines. The game's design also features contributions from HAL Labs veteran and Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai.


More screenshots:







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Yeah, I'm not entirely sold on Meteos, or even Lumines for that matter. I'll need to see more or maybe try them out. I'm hoping they're good!


"Another" is another game that looks really promising. I don't know if it's a launch title or not. Love the look:






Another (Tentative Title): An odd title for an odd game. Another is a graphical adventure, where a young girl named Ashley finds herself at loose ends in a secret government research facility on Blood Edward Island. Her mother is killed in an accident, while her father, a researcher, goes missing. The game uses all of the DS interface features to let the player explore and navigate a 3D world -- the touch screen and microphone among them. The top screen shows the environment and characters, while the bottom screen offers objects and commands to interact with.
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Originally posted by Ryan FB@Oct 7 2004, 01:54 PM

Am I the only one who's really hyped about Animal Crossing DS? IGN has some screenshots, and a video as well. This game will definitely benefit from the touchpad, and the game is just rife with possibilities for multiplayer (although if it's just local DS-to-DS, I doubt I'll ever get a chance to try it :cry:).

Ooh, this does sound very tempting. I like the sound of this:


players can doodle up their own designs using the touch-sensitive screen


This game so needs to be online, the code trading system was cool, but online should be a lot better. Visiting other's towns should be great fun.

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