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Xbox VGA Box


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Well, it finally happened :D


I believe there is a review of the X2VGA in the most recent issue of OXM. I have a funny feeling that I'm gonna be around $70 lighter in the pocket soon ;)


The only option it seems to be missing is a VGA pass-thru, but it does have an 'Easy View' feature for displaying 480i, nice :)



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So, that guy is crying because he doesn't have a date, right? ;)


A co-worker brought his Xbox VGA adapter in to work recently. I didn't catch the brand but he said he paid $70 for it. Six of our demo consoles (2 Xboxes) are connected via S-video to 15" LCD displays. He replaced the S-video connection with his VGA adapter and we began trying out as many games as possible.


Put simply, the results were amazing. It was stunning enough when comparing the S-video Soul Calibur 2 (running at the standard resolution) to the 720p version but it was incredible what the VGA adapter did for 480p games.


Halo looked like another game altogether. Colors were vibrant and details in the art which are normally impossible to detect really stand out. There is a lot more graphical art in this game than S-video can display. Comparing what I saw made my component connection at home look just as wimpy as the S-video.


Alas, I won't be getting a VGA adapter any time soon. I want to play consoles on the "big TV". My 19" PC monitor + VGA adapter would provide a much better picture than my Wega but that's a sacrifice I'll make for screen size. That said, when I decide to shop for a flat panel TV to replace my Wega I'll make sure it has a VGA connector.

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Guest Dean Martin
option it seems to be missing is a VGA pass-thru, but it does have an 'Easy View' feature for displaying 480i, nice


That sounds fgood for those with monitors that will only accpet 480P like the infocus X1's VGA port.

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Ok I got mine today, so I'll post my first impressions of this adapter.


First of all, I had no problems what so ever ordering this item, I got an email confirming my order within minutes and I got my shipped conformation the very next day, not too bad at all.


Now on to the good stuff.


After opening the plain cardboard box that this thing comes in I found my nice new vga adapter wrapped snug in a thick roll of bubble wrap. It shipped in perfect condition with an English user manual included. On first inspection I can see two buttons on the top, one a power button and the other a shift button (I'll go in to more detail on the shift button later on) The side consists of the 15pin VGA output, a toslink optical output for digital sound, and a set of composite outputs. There are also dip switches on the end of the unit for setting up the sync options. All in all this is a very well put together unit that doesn't feel or look cheap.


Installation is a complete snap, I found that I didn't need to change any dipswitch settings so I plugged it in to the back of my Xbox, hooked up my monitor, a toslink cable and I'm off the races.


I decided to try turning on my Xbox without a disc in it first to see how well it could handle 480i. Well all I can say is that it looks like complete crap, BUT I can read what?s on the screen, so a very good start so far. I found that setting the screen display to "widescreen" gives you the best picture while in the Xbox menu. The screen is still too wide to fit completely on the monitor so this is where you would use that shift button if you needed to see what was in the cut off portion of the screen. The button works very well and I found that I really didn't need it that much at all.


So what do the games look like already!?


Well I'm completely blown away on how much this improves the picture quality. Every game I have looks so crisp and vibrant that they all look like they're in high definition. The colors Burst vividly off the screen and the blacks are perfectly displayed, I can tell that Neoya put a lot of effort in to getting the output just right. The only down thing that I can say is that I've noticed that with some games the cut scenes are not properly flagged for progressive scan and you can really see the interlacing lines, its distracting and does pretty much looks like hell but a small thing that is the software?s fault. Actually the adapter handles it quite well considering.


The sound output is completely flawless as to be expected.



I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend this adapter to anyone that had an interest in using a VGA display for their Xbox. Tell the truth I am writing this review at 12 in the morning because I just couldn't stop playing, it looks so good.

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Alternatively, you do know that the Panasonic PT-AE200 projector can be had for around ?900 now, don't you? its 858*484 native 16x9, so will do 480p quite nicely. I'm umming and aahing about how I could get a screen in my living room, as it'll project a 70" diagonal at around 2.5 metres. No hi-def, but I get the impression that is the same for the Loewe too. VGA, Component, Scart, S-Video and Composite means it'll take just about anything as input.

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I'm a little confused and hope that you all might be able to clear up my cloudy noggin.


I have a VGA for my DC, and think it looks great, but I agree about not wanting to play my Xbox in front of my little monitor.

I have a 32" Zenith that displays 480p and 1080i, but it is an HDTV/Monitor, so there is what I assume I'm looking at back there is for VGA. Would buying this vga adapter make the picture quality better than using my Monster Component cables running in 480p? Thanks for the help everyone!

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If it's true VGA there would be a difference especially in color separation, but not enough to justify the purchase of an adaptor, IMO.


Now, if you don't own an HDTV and want to take advantage of 480p and HD gaming on your PC monitor, then a VGA is just what Dr. Buck ordered ;)

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