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Smackdown vs Raw release info


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IGN has a article up with impressions of a close to final version of the online mode for Raw vs Smackdown. If what they mention is true, in that it will only be the same thing that was in the Beta test then i may as well just save $50 Single and Bra and panties only match's without being able to do any of the match types to me is a big let down.


I had fun playing the beta. However the online interface was sub par, you need to type to chat(only in lobby), and they arent going to have leaders boards, leagues or anything of that nature.





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Looks like next years online will be the shit. I won't even waste my time with the online for this years version. One on one matches are so boring to me, would of been better if you had the ability to add A.I. controlled wrestlers as well. I log so many hours of multiplayer in anyway, so it really is no big deal.



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