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System Shock News/Bioshock announcement


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I was pointed to a System Shock 2 retrospective at Gamespot. The article itself was a nice read considering how much I enjoyed System Shock 2, but there were some quotes that made me tingle a bit.


...we'll take a retrospective look at [system Shock 2] in anticipation of Irrational's next project, which we'll reveal to you exclusively tomorrow. (Here's a hint: it will likely please fans of System Shock 2.)


But why even look back at System Shock 2 at this point? Because Irrational has been, and it plans to make a related announcement this Friday (tomorrow). The studio has decided that it wishes to further what it started in System Shock 2--to work on games that promote "emergent" gameplay--open-ended exploration that offers many choices and combinations of options to players. You'll see what we mean tomorrow. Be sure to come back then.


As Joel would say, I think a little pee came out!

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Yes I heard about this as well. Fantastic news if it is indeed news of a sequal to SS2 (one of my favorite games of alltime). Can you imagine a game like SS2 using modern day graphics such as those in the Doom3 engine? :drool: I really hope that if a sequal is announced that it wont be dumbed down like the recent Thief and Deus Ex games were. If you are a long time fan of those games you know what I am talking about. Call it the console effect. ;)

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Very sweet.


I'm personally more in favor of seeing another throwdown with SHODAN, who I think is one of the best villains in gaming history, but I'm sure the concept of a sequel game isn't gonna do much for selling Irrational on the notion.


Still, this looks really damn cool and I trust Irrational to deliver the goods in the gameplay department :).


I'm pissed the cliffhanger at the end of SS2 isn't gonna be resolved though.

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Hey guys, I really enjoyed the hell outta SS2, (some of THE creepiest sounds ever, full stop), but I got burnt out playing it. Got to the last friggin' level and, never went back to finish it.


That was several years ago.


Can someone give me what happened at the end? I don't know if you need to put it in spoilers. This game is several years old! :)


I'm kinda foggy on remembering what exactly was happening but, I think I remember being at a level where the ship was sort of, alive??? Something covering the whole outside.


That's about as far as I made it.


LOVED when Shodan made her appearance. VERY VERY COOL!!!!!


I hope Bioshock has alot of the feel from SS2. Seeing as who's making it, I think it's probably safe to say, it will.

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GameInformer this month has Bioshock on the cover. The mag should be hitting store shelves soon (or may already be out there.) Some information about the game from the article:



- Core gameplay centered on player choice and customization

- Game takes place in the early 60s

- Dev's main goal is total immersion in the story

- you wake up in the ocean surrounded by debris and your first goal is survival

- something about creatures in the ocean discovered by scientists

- "We're creating a world for you to be in. What you do is up to you, and you have to live with your choices."

- One of your skills is agility and it makes you run faster

- most upgrades will affect weapons

- you can create weapons and items

- you can hack stuff by being an engineer

- A walkthrough is useless - you take the game where you want it to go (Sounds really open ended)

- bioShock holds many mysteries

- Xbox 360 and PC - O N L Y

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Sounds interesting-I never actually finished SS2, and can't get it to run on an XP machine. I keep meaning to set up a virtual PC and give it another try, but I just never get around to it. It'd make an awesome extra for the sequel though, but I can understand not wanting to do a port.


I really can't remember how, but I definitely played some SS2 under XP... "system shock 2 xp" into Google...




Looks like them people got somewhere with it.

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I finally got the chance to read the article, and take a look at the screenshots (of which there are many in the mag, all of which are from the 360 version which is up and running and deep in development). Good god it sounds fantastic. It sounds like a System Shock 2 fans wet dream, and the game is looking utterly stellar at the moment.:rock

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Ok here we go. I've removed the actual article from these screens and left only the screenshots.You'll have to buy the magazine to get the full scoop. I'll post a small excerpt from the article a little later to give you some of the background story, but here's a good portion of the shots:





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Geez,I'm posting in the PC area... :)

I should have this issue around somewhere & if I can find it (or unless E3 has some more info on the game) I can do something.


This game sounds incredibly cool & it has become a must buy day one purchase on the strength of that article alone.

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