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Odd request - Miner

Mark E

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Okay, nostalgia, yes, right.


I'm going totally oldschool here, but does anybody remember those old miner games that used to be like freeware or what not?


You'd control a single character (like literally an M or some damn thing) and go down an elevator and start mining for gold with your pick-axe. There could be floods and cave-ins and all sorts of stuff. It was totally random but I remember playing this as a kid and I'm thinking there might be a Flash version online or something like that.


Weird hankering, but there you have it. Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about and/or knowledge if such a thing exists? :P

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There was 'Spelunker' for the Speccy, C64, Atari 8bit, etc. Mostly popular in Europe.


Also, 'Miner 2049er' and 'Bounty Bob Strikes Back'. Many consider one or both of these to be the best computer platform games ever made, and I concur. BBSB is huge and difficult, and fantastic. 'Miner' was ported to everything, including TRS-80, a horrid Atari 2600 version, and even versions for various obscure Japanese-market computers and eventually the Gameboy! The Atari 5200 cartridge for BBSB typically sells for $300-$400...without the box and manual.


The original author wrote a free, dedicated Atari 8bit emulator solely for the purpose of allowing people to play his games. http://www.bigfivesoftware.com/Emulator/emulator.htm


Hats off to Bill Hogue!

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