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Jeff W

NEC Turbo Express handheld

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I've got an NEC Turbo Grafx 16 Turbo Express Handheld I'm looking to get rid of. The handheld itself is in great shape, it's been sitting on a shelf untouched for years, I just installed some batteries and playtested it and all looks to be fine. Casing & screen are pristine, no scratches, cracks, blemishes, discoloring, etc. It runs on 6 AA batteries but you can easily get a multi-use AC adaptor on ebay along with a few other accessories I've seen there. The system runs the Turbo Grafx 16 HuCards and I have 3 of them I'll include, they are: Gunboat, Night Creatures, and SplatterHouse. The games all have the HuCard sleeve, jewel case, and instructions, I have no box or paperwork for the system. I can snap pics or provide brief summaries of the games for anyone interested. I was thinking in the $100 range for the system and the games shipped.


Also (don't laugh) anyone interested in an N-gage? I have one of the original versions in great shape with all packaging, paperwork, and accessories it came with. I also have 4 games (Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, Red Faction, & Super Monkey Ball) with original cases and instructions and 1 carrying case with it's original packaging. It came with a blank T-mobile sim card I still have so you can play with it without having to use it as a phone.


EDIT: The Turbo Express looks to be gone, to elaborate on the N-gage: It's in like new condition with all the boxes, wires, and paperwork including the original reciept. Payed $200 for it + 3 games and have added another game and the case. I'd sell it for $125 to anyone interested.

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Originally posted by secretvampire@Oct 8 2004, 05:55 PM



EDIT: On the Turbo Express, you can keep that N-Gage mister! ;)

Sorry, package deal. :twisted:


Just kidding. ;)

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