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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow

Romier S

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Ok so I'm tired of seeing this game sit on my shelf when it's one hell of a fun online game. No reason it should languish when I know a bunch of folks here still own it. So what do you say guys? How about some online fun Pandora Tommorrow style?


I'm off tommorrow so that being my most available time how about we hop on tommorrow night around 8-9pm?

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I'm not sure where my brain was when I jumped on this Splinter Cell session, but I won't be able to make it tonight, as the Red Sox / Yankees match up is on at the same time. :(


I will sign on early tonight and see if anyone else is available for some early action, 6:30pm/7pm,... but after 8pm I've gotta turn over to the baseball game. Hoepfully there will be some early Splinter Cell action tonight too. :)

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