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Well, I was milling around over at broadbandreports and I came across a thread discussing good freeware programs, and I thought it was a good topic to crossover here to see what suggestions for quality freeware programs you guys might know of. (Of course I?m talking about good quality programs free of malicious spyware and annoying gimmicks or features.)


The program that first sparked my interest in the thread is called The Gimp. Somehow I?ve never heard of this program, and I was wondering if anyone here has used it, and is it any good? The screenshots look promising, but I?d prefer to hear from you guys before I got into trying it out. (Note, I know it?s not going to be a Photoshop replacement, but it looks interesting.)


I know of a few useful programs, but at this point many of them would be probably be considered common info to most of this knowledgeable community. i.e. AVG Virus software, AdAware, Zonealarm, Infranview, etc.


(Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, I tired searching but I couldn't get the search engine to work. ? :? )

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There's some discussion of quality Windows programs here, although not all of it is freeware.


The Gimp is actually quite good, however if you've been using Photoshop for a while it might take a bit to get used to some of the differences between the two programs that might throw you off. Basically, an average user will be able to do the same things with The Gimp as with Photoshop. I've been using Photoshop since 3.0, and I haven't run into anything I haven't been able to pull off with The Gimp yet. I don't think the user interface is as intuitive as Photoshop's, but I'm probably a bit biased since I've used Adobe products for so long, so I'm used to their "way" of doing things.

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Are you talking about the Windows port of GIMP or one the *nix builds? It's can be a bit of a pain to get get running on Windows.


There's a similar topic here, but it isn't exclusively devoted to free software.


As for free software, here're some I like:





Kingdom of Loathing




EDIT: Damn your eyes, Ryan! :P

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I'll have to try The Gimp. Sounds sweet for a free program.


I'm gonna try to list all the free programs I use that have that too-good-to-be-free freeling...


StrokeIt - unfortunate name (don't go looking for it at http://www.strokeit.com ;)), but awesome program. Gestures for all of Windows. Highly customizable and context-sensitivite, there's not much it can't do. Whenever I'm computing without gestures now it feels like the stone ages, dragging the mouse all over to click on icons and menu items and such :?


Maxthon - my favorite browser. It uses the IE engine, which I think is why so many people favor FireFox, because otherwise Maxthon is the most ridiculously feature-rich, customizable tabbed browser I've used.


GunBound - great free online-only game. Best with friends. TeamSpeak helps.


Others: GrabIt (for downloading pr0n from usenet, of course). foobar2000 (audio player). Media Player Classic (for videos and 5.1 audio formats, and for the occasional DVD that breaks WinDVD). Serv-U's FTP server. Trillian (for instant messaging, though I've registered for the pay version, I think the free is still good).


Did I mention StrokeIt? ;) Best thing that's happened to my computer since tabbed browsing :)

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