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Halo Speed Run challenge!


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I decided to do at least one speed run through Halo just to get ready for Halo 2. Anyone want to go for it too and compare times? (on the honor system, of course)


Let's see who can get the best total elapsed time on Normal. The object is just to get through the game as quickly as possible. No need to kill all the baddies, just blaze by them and keep going. Keep a tally of your times through each level and total elapsed time, and don't forget to take shortcuts whenever possible. Watch all the cutscenes, and if you take a break and pause, it's okay to stop your timer.


I'll post my times up for each level as I get through them. I probably won't even get started until next Monday.


And if this is still too tame for you, there's still time to go for Halo On Legendary


Bragging rights are at stake. See you at the finish line.




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Man, I'm out of practice. :oops:


Pillar of Autumn: 22:09 (a lot of that is due to the cutscenes) Clock the time from right after it finishes loading to right when it begins loading for the next level.


I actually took some wrong turns and got lost briefly. No deaths, though. I was surprised at how easy it is to kill the Elites and Grunts on "normal" difficulty.


Remember, watch all the cutscenes in their entirety. Part of the purpose of this is to get a refresher on the story of Halo.


I'm sure you guys will obliterate my time. Maybe I'll get faster as the levels go on.



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Heh, I just tried a run and I'm not sure exactly how long it took, but it was a smidge over 30 minutes :)


I think, considering how little I know the game, I'm just gonna play it some normally, and then maybe I'll try some speed runs after. Lord knows I have too much time on my hands right now :)

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POA: 12 minutes. Not sure on seconds, since I timed it on my cell phone clock.


I timed it from the minute that the captain hands MC the pistol...the intro to the level is nearly 16 minutes by my count, includung all the targeting garbage.


You could prolly tack on an extra minute or so if you need to count the part where you run to the bridge...


I just wasn't sure of where I should start counting :?


I did kill everything, too. Perhaps I should just run, since that would be a total of 28 minutes :(

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Mama mia! 39 minutes on the Halo level. Been awhile since I've played that one, not to mention I kept forgetting where I parked my Warthog :oops:




I was wondering, there are a few levels that are pretty damn long..should they be split into different parts?


Truth and Reconciliation comes to mind :) You could have a before you get on the ship time and after you get on the ship time, just a suggestion.

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Yeah, let's keep it the whole level, not splitting it apart, and remember to time it from right after it finishes loading to right when it starts loading again, including all cutscenes.


It was a rainy morning here in Houston, so I got a chance to play through a bunch more levels:


HALO: 36 minutes


Truth And Reconciliation: 56 minutes (el sucko, died a bunch and got lost!)


Silent Cartographer: 25 minutes. (I'm proud of this one. let me know if its any good!)


Assault on the Control Room: 46 minutes (including the Banshee hijack trick)



One thing I definitely learned is that sometimes it is in your best interest to clear an area of Covenant, because if you don't, you won't get a checkpoint. Then if you die, you'll go way back to where your started.


Bring it!



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