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Unresponsive Xbox controller


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A month or so ago I was playing Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow and having some odd feedback problems with my communicator. None of my teammates could understand me due to static and noise. After a few reboots of the console my controller ceased working. I tried it again last night playing a different game and it appears to be completely dead.


Do any of you know of a way to diagnose a controller? Am I better off just buying a new one?


Any help is appreciated.

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I'd just buy a new one. Could be the cord, or something internal. My guess would be the cord. For 25 bucks, it's not really worth the trouble of taking apart.


Perhaps if one of the buttons was sticking, taking it apart to clean may be worth it, but it sounds like it has played it last game :(

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I picked up another controller today and plugged the unresponsive one in the second port. Just to double check and see if it is truly dead I started Arcade mode in MK: Deception. I knew that the Versus mode would be greyed out if I had only one controller in. Surprisingly enough it was lit up, so I tried choosing a character with the broken controller.


Not only does it work, it works very well. What the heck is going on?

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I had to go and buy a new controller today as mine died a sudden death too! I was playing Battlefront on Live, and I get "please plug controller into port #1". So I would do the controller hokey pokey and plug it in and out to no avail. After I rebooted my 'box' it seemed to work ok in the Live menu screen, but as soon as I would start a game of BF it would say the same thing. :shock:


But I did notice that with my communictor in the controller that the green light on it was flickering every now and again. Turns out it was the cord near the end of the controller must have had a loose wire, because I could move it (the cord) and see the light go on and off.


You might try this test with yours to see if its doing the same thing. I ended up getting one of the blue controllers.


Good luck,



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