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New Gamecube Demo Disc

Chris F

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If anyone happens upon one of these new Gamecube Demo Discs in stores, would you be willing to pick it up for me?


*EDIT* I'm referring to the new demo disc, with SC2, Viewtiful Joe, etc. on it.


Most of the stores I've called in NYC are sold out, or didn't get any in, and I think I'm going to have a hell of a time finding it now.


I will gladly pay for the disc and shipping of course, unless someone wants to trade a new copy of the demo disc for a new copy of Segat GT/JSRF for Xbox (I have two copies).

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Found one yesterday at Best Buy.


SC2 is sweet. I don't know how I feel about Viewtiful Joe. I started out really hating it, but felt a little better about it by the time it was done.


Billy Hatcher I haven't tried. I keep picturing the Houston Astros player from the late 80's...

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Enough demo talk, tell us how Viewtiful Joe plays dammit


It plays damn great, thank you very much.


Sidescrolling beatemup, with lots of platform elements. You can "slow down"/"speed up" time for a limited time (which quickly recharges), which makes enemies more vulnerable etc. Especially key for boss fights.


The platform elements work well. The fighting works very well. The camera angle/graphics are excellent.


All through the demo, there's new stuff to be wow-ed by & to get excited at.


I'm in love.

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