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Logitech cordless headset


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-looks slick

-definately would like a wireless headset

-logitech has many good products

-I've never used one of these headsets though

-it's certainly expensive for what it is (I've always been wanting one of these for my bluetooth enabled cell phone, ... is there any chance this would work with a cell phone? That could the price easier to swallow.)

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I use a wireless logitech controller and love it. The only problem is that you can't use it with the headset. I've done a lot of swearing switching between the wired controller for football and the wireless controller because the pause button and back button are in different spots. Try to call a timeout and can't find the button, etc.


JTello, my guess is that the XBox one won't work with a cell phone because it must have a receiver that plugs into the controller. You're right that it's expensive, but its price point is similar to the ones for cell phones. I've looked at those too (I have an Ericsson T610) but haven't gotten one because of the price. I don't use my live headset enough to warrant an $80 replacement either...

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I just wish they would focus on a cordless controller that can send a voice signal. Oh well, why sell a $80 Live-compatible cordless controller when you can sell the controller for $40 and the headset for $80. :roll:


Ever since I bought a 6-ft extension cord, I've lost interest in wireless controllers. I'd really only be interested if they combined the two, or if MS came out with a first party wireless solution.



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