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Farscape Discussion Thread


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For you Farscape fans out there do not forget the show returns with a two part four hour miniseries Farscape The Peacekeeper Wars.


On Scifi Channel


Part 1 is on Sunday night at 9 PM EST and repeats at 11 PM EST and 1am EST


It is also on at 7 PM EST on Monday night which is followed by


Part 2 is on Monday Night at 9 PM EST and repeats at 11 PM EST and 1 am eST



Im sure it will also repeat during the weekend. So do not miss the miniseries. For those who havent seen farscape. Tune in anyway for a treat



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I'll occasionally watch an episode here and there on re-run and while I like the show I never could get into it becasue I jumped in so late and never understood what was going on. Am I gong to need extensive knowledge from the original series to understand any of The Peacekeeper Wars?

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A&E Home Ent and Jim Henson company announced today that in November they are teaming to release a 10th Anniversary DVD set of Farscape. More details to come at Comic Con.


Hopefully we get some more news on the web episodes they are still working on

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Old thread, but some good news. The entire series and miniseries are going up on amazon prime in HD tomorrow. Also since this is already the 20th anniversary there will be a vinyl soundtrack release this summer, as well as a lot of other new collectibles announced. About frelling time.

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