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Ren & Stimpy on DVD!


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I walked into the nearest video rental place last night and was very surprised to see 3 Ren & Stimpy DVD boxes on the shelf! How did this slip under the radar??


I immediately made a beeline for Tower, hoping that it was there. I had been there last tuesday perusing the new DVD releases and didn't see it (I didn't know it was due). I had to hunt around a bit, but I got the last copy they had. It's a combined box set of seasons 1 and 2, 32 episodes in all, with commentary on selected episodes. 3 discs total.


I watched the first two last night and they are so good, the image quality is good, not Futurma good, but very watchable.


The box art is top-notch, each disc has it's own plastic slip case, just the the Futurama discs (I don't know what the cases are called).


It's so great to finally have this on DVD. I have only seen a handful of Ren & Stimpy shows, but that was enough to convince me of it's brilliance. The opening of the very first episode is a commercial for "Log" - which is a great way to begin the series.

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It's worth noting that it's not actually uncut as advertised which is a real shame. Fans on various animation sites that picked it up are rather livid that some episodes do in fact contain entire chunks missing. In response, John K is pleading his innocence that to the best of his and the sets producers knowledge the episodes were uncut and that that which is missing would have been removed (and apparently totally deleted) by Nickelodeon.


Either way I've found it rather off putting and will wait until it's ultra cheap.



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Hmm, that's interesting. Is that to suggest that the DVDs are missing things that originally aired on Nickelodeon?


Either way, since I've never seen the vast majority of these, I'm not missing anything. What's there is great.


On a side note, I had no idea that Billy West did the voice of Stimpy, but after watching Futurama the resemblance to Fry is definitely there.

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The box art is top-notch, each disc has it's own plastic slip case, just the the Futurama discs (I don't know what the cases are called).

They are known as slimline cases. I really like how many boxsets have have gone to this packaging as it saves quite a bit of shelf space.


I was also going to purchase this, but have held off for a bit due to the 'cut-but-not-cut' issues. It can wait.

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Is that to suggest that the DVDs are missing things that originally aired on Nickelodeon?


Yes and no. I believe the very first screenings of episodes were intact, but subsequent episodes got chopped up due to complaints and syndication issues so the DVDs restore the bulk of what ultimately got cut on TV broadcasts, but as it is now known, certainly not everything.


It?s not something worth ranting or protesting about given that it seems what is still missing now no longer exists in any quality form, but it?s at the very least frustrating to see it branded ?uncut? on the cover. It?s still a set I look forward to buying, but it?s dropped off of my priority purchase list.



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From dvdtimes

When Spumco were hired by TNN last year to produce a new run of episodes, John K provided his own personal uncut "protection masters" for all the episodes he directed. These were brought into circulation on TNN, but they have not made their way on to this collection. Some of the episodes included here are in fact more edited than the versions previously made available. I am referring specifically to Powdered Toast Man, an episode censored by Nickelodeon after a grand total of three people complained about it. This cartoon, however, continued to air uncut on MTV in America and internationally, but it is the cut version that is included in this set. This is made even more bizarre by the fact that Sven H?ek, an episode that was censored before broadcast and again a couple of years later, is presented here using the first, milder edit rather than the second, more severe one. The episodes, it would seem, have been culled from various sources so that some are actually older versions than others.


Because of the somewhat schizophrenic nature of this collection, it is worthwhile to list the episodes included in their correct production order, and also whether or not they are censored:


Pilot Episode: Big House Blues (censored)


First Season:

Stimpy's Big Day

The Big Shot

Nurse Stimpy

Robin H?ek

Space Madness

The Boy Who Cried Rat

Fire Dogs

The Littlest Giant


Untamed World

Black Hole

Stimpy's Invention


Second Season:

In the Army

Powdered Toast Man (censored)

Out West (censored)

Rubber Nipple Salesmen

Ren's Toothache

Dog Show (censored)

Sven H?ek (censored) (music and sound effects completed after Spumco was fired)

The Great Outdoors (completed after Spumco was fired)

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Originally posted by Pharmboy@Oct 15 2004, 02:04 PM

Boo, Powdered Toast Man is the best episode of R&S to ever see air.


Total shame it's not available in its complete form.

Well, it appears that episode is intact on this set. I found a site that documents the missing footage which apparently amounts to a few minutes total over 6 episodes (out of 32).


Even this site says "The edits really aren't that bad. More often than not, only a line of dialog or a single three or four-second shot is removed."


Obviously no edits would be better than any, but frankly, my enthusiasm for this set isn't damped in the least. I'm ecstatic to have this on DVD.

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