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Join the Halo 2 LCVG Clan!


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Can you believe that November 9th is almost here?


It hardly seems possible. I can still remember back 2 years ago when a bunch of us in the old HTF SOCOM Clan had just pulled an impressive comeback win over another clan - & somebody talked about me leading a Halo 2 clan.


Well, I do miss those SOCOM days.But I never gave up my dream of being a part of that Halo 2 clan,whenever the game ended up coming out. The waiting is finally over :)


I have gotten permission from the owners here to post about & run an LCVG Halo 2 clan. It is an "Official" one because having a LCVG clan on such a game as this will do more than let people have fun,but it will also spread the word about what we here at LCVG are all about.


While I was running the SOCOM clan,I can't tell you how many gamers asked us what our initials meant.When they learned it was to a website & not some take off on a swear/death/kill reference,some said that they would go & check it out. Which they did - & some of those people joined up & became a part.


So our mission statement is threefold:

  • To have fun in an competitive enviroment (against other clans,maybe even some other gaming websites)
  • To spread the word about LCVG & what a cool place it is...
  • And to kick some ass! (We could take names too,I suppose...)

Some of you reading this might be interested in joining. Good! Others might be wondering that they might not be able to play as much as they want to,or be able to put in enough time to be a part. Well,you can still join as well. :)


A Halo 2 clan,as stated in various reports,can have up to 100 members. That's one-zero-zero. In another words,we can (& hopefully will) have enough members to compete against other clans. But the LCVG clan isn't going to be based on how good you are. As long as you are a member here,or has someone they know that wants to play - have them join up! By doing that,we have accomplished what we have set out to do.


I want to stress this right off the bat -

You can still be a part even if you play only casually. You can even be a short-bus member. It doesn't matter. If you want to play - & can play nice - then you can be a part.


This is all about having fun. The SOCOM clan was good because we never lost sight of that. We had fun,while still holding our own against some of the better clans in the gaming world.We didn't have any member infighting or nonsense like that. It will be the same here. If you can do that,cool! If not,then respectfully join another one. Since we are going to be promoting LCVG,the last thing I want to do is give people the wrong impression about who we are & what we are about.


Now,as more info is released about the game,& as we get closer to H2's release,we will be getting into more of the details of the clan. I do know that you have different levels of memberships,like Captains,Generals, & so forth. We will do the same thing here. I've asked Joey(CaptDS9e) to help me out & he will be my "right-hand man",so to speak. My fiancee',Leslie (Chatakinns) will also be helping me run things,as well as some of the mods here (possibly some others as well,do well in the clan & you can advance in rank!) One thing at a time though...


Summing up, I want to stress this point:


The LCVG clan will not interfere with any other Halo 2 planned-events. There will still be just playing for fun,short bus type games,all of it. I'll be doing those things, & I hope you will do so too. You LCVGers who want to do your own clan are free to do so. Just remember that you can be a member of only one clan at a time, & that this one will be the official one.


That's it for now. Think about what I've just said. If you are interested about having fun,spreading the word about LCVG,& showing gamers around the world what we can do,then post here so we can get the ball rolling.


If you have any questions,please post them & make sure to PM me as well.


Thanks for reading.



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If things go the way I hope, I may be getting some new hours here at work that would allow me to *gasp!* play online during prime time hours! How amazing!


If that happens, I'd be more than happy to play some Halo 2 online with you all, clan or no.

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