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MP3's chugging on new XP install


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Three days, three install attempts, an inch from the ledge.


Bought a new, bigger 120g hardrive to complement my almost full 60g. Decide to do a fresh install of XP as it's 1.5 years in and starting to chugg. This is my first windows install by the way...


So I manage to install xp pro on the new hardrive, copy over all my important documents from the old hardrive and wipe the slate clean. This is when I realize that the install has not gone so good, when I play my music it hiccups, I fear a bad migration but it's not the mp3s but my system jumping to 100% whenever I do any menial task, open a program, drag a window...


Well decide maybe it's a driver or the install went bad, so reinstall....anyways to cut it short I'm on my third install, have done everything by the book by what I can tell and am at a loss.

Ran norton av, spybot,adaware. I believe it's a hardware problem , now that I am on the lookout the slowdowns are noticable right off the bat.


I basically need help trouble shooting or a barbeque lighter.


Is there some kind of program that could diagnose the computer, saving me switching out parts trying to single out the problem.


Any help appreciated.

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What are you playing MP3's in? I had a problem with video chugging until I reduced the acceleration slider in options --> performance --> Advanced (or somewhere around there in WMP).


And I'm editing the topic title to be in conformance with our Forum Guidelines:


"No profanity, obscene picture or drug reference in subject lines..."



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Sorry about the swear word, I am just a little testy right now.


I've tried both itunes and windows media player. The problem isn't the mp3s, since even my mouse will hiccup(jump/stall) when I start up a program or do anything beyond stare at the monitor. This was not an issue on this system before adding the hardrive and reinstalling.


Yes fresh install of the audio driver along with any other driver I could think of.

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Cyber I don't believe it's my player, the problem is system wide. Even when not playing my mp3s the system will spike when doing simple things.


Whooter I'll have to look into the bus speeds, however at this point only my new hardrive has any files on it and my old one was wiped clean.


Buck turned off system restore and it seems to be working so far!

I am typing this, running outlook, and itunes which was killing my system before turning it off. However my computer is still spiking but it hasn't caused a glitch yet.


I'm still curious as too what might be going on, as my computer never had problems doing much more intense work before my new hardrive/install.


In any case thank you so much! At least now I can listen to music while cursing a blue streak :tu:

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Are you asking if they are on the same ide cable then yes, one is set as master and the other as slave.


So I had to restart my computer because of an update I installed and the glitching is back, not quite as bad as before removing system restore , but it's there. I am really lost at to what the hell is going on?


As a referance

itunes is using 34000k memory, 30000 virtual

firefox 23000/15000

explore exe 21000/12000

svchost exe 22000/13000


And I am back to a glitch as I do anything, crap... where's my flame thrower!

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You almost had me believing. I actually have 3 or 4 PC's on my network now but they are all basically single application (function) machines that we don't mess with.


I hear the new G5 imacs ROCK. (you could run Virtual PC) ;)


BUT again no helpful information.

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Sure you have 5000$ to lend me, I'll gladly switch back.


My dilemna has taken a turn for the worse in a burnout kinda way, decided to start rooting inside the computer , I'll spare everyone the details but now it won't even power up,hehehe. Oh my, I am a happy person ladada ladadi...

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