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New Toy-R-Us Sale?


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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Oct 20 2004, 05:35 PM

These folks:




Show an online version of the deal as available. There are a ton of links with the proper codes to use to take advantage of the deal. Enjoy!



I think I will wait until it hits brick and mortar as I need to mix and match systems.

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I think Toys R Us might be about to pull a fast one for this sale. The online price for Zelda:WW is now $50, Wario World is $30, Kirby Air Ride is $50. These games are all priced $20 MSRP at every other retailer. I wonder if this is in response to the dealrush.com codes, or if they are also raising the price b&m.

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Originally posted by Starhawk@Oct 21 2004, 12:25 PM

So what's everyone planning on buying?


I'm thinking:


1. Dead or Alive (XBOX)

2. Donkey Konga (GC)

3. Unknown


I'm not sure what I want for the thrid game. There are several I want under $50, but I'd like to make sure it's around the $50 mark to make the most of the deal.

Right now, I'm leaning toward Paper Mario, Star Wars: Battlefront (XBox), Burnout 3 (Xbox), GTA:SA, and Hot Shots Golf Fore! Need another $39.99-49.99 game, though, to make six total, and I just can't think of another one I'm interested in. Was thinking about the new TMNT game, but the reviews I've seen have been kind of down on it.


Also considering crossing some $19.99 games off the want list: Pac-Man World 2/Pac-Man Vs., Viewtiful Joe (GameCube), and Namco Museum (Xbox).


I'll hit TRU on Sunday morning to make sure I at least get something, and then hit them again on Tuesday or Wednesday for GTA:SA, and hope they have at least two other $39-49 titles I want available.


Gotta admit, planning this whole thing out has been kind of fun. . .

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Originally posted by HoolieMan@Oct 21 2004, 02:19 PM

what exactly is going on with the dealrush codes? Are not valid right now or are they cancelled all together?

I just checked dealrush and the site now says:


-UPDATE- Coupons have been temporarily de-activated from the system, please check back later for further details!
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Originally posted by Starhawk@Oct 21 2004, 01:24 PM

Paper Mario and SW: Battlefront are also two strong possibilities for me. Hmmm...

Yeah, I'm thinking Paper Mario's a definite. If I was only getting three, then that would be one.


Kind of a Catch-22 on this sale, for those wanting to use it to get GTA:SA, because by the time the stores get it in the middle of the week, a lot of the newer, popular titles will probably be long gone.


I've got a buddy who works at Best Buy, so if none of this pans out, hopefully he'll be able to hook me up with a price-match. We'll see.


This sale is also a great opportunity for people to pick up Donkey Konga if they haven't yet done so. I hope it sells well next week.

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I still haven't played two of the six games I got during last year's sale.


I have that same problem. However it won?t stop me from doing it again this year. I?m just not sure which games I want yet. I?ll probably head to TRU on Sunday to see what they have.

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Question about the sale: (I think some people did this last year)


I'd like to take advantage of the sale on Sunday. At that time, though, Dead or Alive will not be released. Can I just buy a random $50 game and then go back on Tuesday and exchange it for DOA?


I think I remember some people doing this last time, but there was some catch like the game you were trading in had to be listed as full price on the receipt or something like that.

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That's a pretty good question.


I'd like to do the same thing, but I think I might just wait until the middle of the week and get Best Buy to match it as their game selection is a bit better in my town.


I was able to get them to match it last year, so I hope this year won't be different.



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I've got big plans for the sale.


At $50, I plan on grabbing SMT: Nocturne, Mortal Kombat, Ace Combat 5, GTA, another copy of Donkey Konga, Paper Mario 2, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, X-Men Legends, and Bard's Tale


At $40 I'll grab Otogi 2, Outrun, Sly 2, and Neo Contra


At $30 I want to pick up Alien Hominid for sure, then I'll pick a couple out of Splinter Cell: PT, Baldur's Gate DA2, Onimusha 3, and Street Fighter Collection



As I've done every year, I'll get "extra" games to fill out my multiples of 3, then exchange them later when stuff like Halo 2, MGS3, and R&C 3 come out.

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