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Microsoft HD Pack availability


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I also noticed a new set of thrid party component video and optical cables last time I was in Best Buy (sold separately of course). Not sure who made tehm, but I remember on the back of the package that it was not a Microsoft endorsed accesory. Almost wonder if it's a made for Best Buy product as I have yet to see it anywhere else.

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I was just reading that the original MS HD pack has been replaced by a new version. It features thicker cables & does away with the breakout box. The cables are said to be 6 feet long.


Here is the discussion:


Here are two pictures:



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In the 2nd picture up above it certainly looks like the optical cable is plugged directly into a standard optical port on the back of the cable. I've got the Monster ones (bought them mismarked and used,saved massively) and the optical adapter is a breakout dongle type thing with what looks like a 2.5 mm plug on one end and the optical port on the other. They also briefly made a coaxial digital adapter which was a website only item.


Doing away with the breakout box is a good idea, IMO. Finding a spot to put the box was kind of a nuissance and it certainly got in the way of making nice neat cable runs.

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How can you tell? All you can see is the outer casing of the cable, and the port could be completely different. I saw the new pack at Best Buy tonight, but the way it is packaged you can just barely see the port, but not well enough to determine if its a standard port or not.

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Well it could be proprietary, but it seems doubtful from the pics. The housing on the cable unit looks to be the size and shape of a normal Toslink connector. Even if it was the miniTsolink, it's still a standard cable, although that one is more of a Sony thing for use with minidisc. Besides, why reinvent the wheel with a new connector which would have higher production costs for a relatively niche market when you can just sell a standard item packaged with the Xbox and Microsoft logos on it. Most consumers are going to get whatever the Best Buy employee tells them they need anyways. Even the monster cable pack uses a standard fiber optic cable. The adapter was needed because of the way they designed the cable and tried to have everything very streamlined.


The new line of cables that Best Buy carries are Psyclone Cables. Their website isn't quite primetime yet.

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