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Hilarious Video


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I feel horrible for the woman in the car. You can clearly hear her crying and screaming, likely fearing for her very life.


It's hard to say how I would react in a situation like that but I like to think that I would be able to confront the attacker. In all likelihood, however, I might very well end up driving back and forth like the woman in the video.

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I've seen this before and figure it to be another jackass trying to cash in on making an "underground" video, kind of like bumfights. These idiots go around and pay drug addicts and bums to do all sorts of stupid things and they film it, just my own opinion but it's nothing a CCW permit and a handgun wouldn't solve.

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Originally posted by fishepa@Oct 18 2004, 11:13 AM

I would have ran his ass over.

That's exactly the thought I had. That and why, of all the poeple in the area at the time, doesn't anyone do anythig to stop this freak? He's lucky the driver didn't have a hand gun and made his misrable life come to quick end.

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