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Outlaw Golf 2

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I played 9 offline holes and 18 online against Beer Monkey tonight. We had a little trouble adjusting to the controls and also an 11-stroke hole apiece to attend to wayward dogs and children, so we weren't breaking any course records. Still, we had fun. The touchy swing controls of the original have been fixed (I only sliced once), and you can now swing with either thumbstick. There's a very accurate target reticle which lets you know exactly where the ball will land, though it doesn't account for bounce. The game gives you three "line readings" per putting stroke, which sounds like too many until you run out. The greens are pretty difficult to read, but the "lines" are very accurate (unlike in Links, they don't peter out, they'll show if your swing will send the ball off the green).


The swing meter might even be too exact. I did not always trust that swinging to the indicator was prudent, but it really is gauged precisely for your target placement. You can't watch the other player's avatars when you've finished a hole, but you can watch their ball move. We played stroke play, which was fun enough, but I can't wait to play with only one club or the mode where winning the hole lets you take clubs from your opponent's bag. Eight courses (including minature golf), four-players and thirteen game modes will keep this one on my playlist for some time. If nothing else, the excellent boobie physics are worth the $20 price tag.

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If nothing else, the excellent boobie physics are worth the $20 price tag.


Allen, can we credit you with the first use of the phrase "boobie physics"? Did you actually come up with that before Joel?


Thanks for the impressions, I'm still trying to decide if I need yet another golf game, I still haven't unlocked a whole lot in HSG4.

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I've only played that one 18-hole game with Allen.


At first, I felt like I was trying to thread a needle while wearing oven mitts. That feeling is mostly gone and I was starting to average par by the end of the match. I still hit Links buttons reflexively, but I always have that problem when trying to switch golf games. The interface is pretty different but at least you can swing with the left thumbstick.


It stinks that there is no lobby, but it is great that it has so many play modes (even though I haven't played them yet).


I'm already glad I bought it, and I hope that we can get some good games going.

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Live golf for $20 with that many game modes? Go get it! I'll be ready to play tonight.


So, I looked up Peer Pressure in the dictionary and look what I found,...




peer pressure (p?r prshr) n. ;

Pressure from one's peers to behave in a manner similar or acceptable to them.




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