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New Halo 2 Theme Song

Derrik Draven

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I find it... weird. I am a big fan of guitar heros in general, but instead of being a creation based on the Halo theme, this is -- to my ear -- simply parroting the Halo theme on guitar. As a guitarist, I don't like the tone... sounds like it's simply a guitar processor plugged into a 4-track (though it probably isn't jsut due to the feedback whine he got in the intro and outro). For recordings and especially professional recordings, not miking a real amp just makes it sound wimpy. You listen to "Giant Balls Of Gold" and there's more meat to his tone, but this just sounds... light.

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bug, trying going to the main Team Xbox news page and click the link from there. That's what I had to do.


I like it, but it really does just sound like some guitar mixed over the original theme, which isn't too exciting. But as a remix, I enjoy it. Hopefully it's just intro movie music or menu background music...


That tiny bit at the end is great, though :)

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What's the story with this new Halo 2 soundtrack, with all the different bands on it, instead of the "pure", Marty O'Donnell Halo stuff?


Is this a cd coming out that has Halo-ish music on it done by these other bands?


I REALLY don't want some dorky-ass "rockin" soundtrack....I love Marty's big, orchestral score.

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Originally posted by Derrik Draven@Oct 19 2004, 04:44 AM

I REALLY don't want some dorky-ass "rockin" soundtrack....I love Marty's big, orchestral score.

I'd wager that you don't have to worry about that one bit. Sounds like there are at least two volumes of music being released as well. No matter what other songs are on the CDs, the orchestral stuff will still be there and in the game.

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Another clip titled Earth City is available for listening here. Just click on the 'listen now' button at the right side of the screen. This one's all orchestral. In fact, it sounds like the music used in the E3 trailer.


Volume One is now available for pre-order as well!


Here's a quote from Xbox.com:


Taking center stage on the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack CD are the new symphonic compositions by Martin O?Donnell and Michael Salvatori, the composers behind the bestselling Halo?: Combat Evolved soundtrack. Nile Rodgers, the album?s producer said, "Visualize a giant orchestra with Martin O?Donnell as the composer and all the artists and musicians contributing as players in the grand symphony that is called Halo."


The soundtrack also includes all-new compositions from some of today?s most exciting rock bands, including "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin, "Connected" by Hoobastank, and "The Odyssey" by Incubus. These bands and songs serve to fulfill the ultimate vision of Marty O?Donnell?s epic orchestral score.

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I hear ya, Carlucci! :tu: THAT'S Halo music!


Leave the hard rockin' soundtracks to other games. Music is certainly an opinion piece, and in saying that, it is of my personal opinion that nothing beats those big, huge, multilayed orchestral scores, for giving a feeling of importance to a game/movie.


...and that's coming from someone that's a "dyed in the wool", 80's hard rocker. :D

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