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Eternal Darkness


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I searched and found only one thread about this stellar title, which was asking about a sequel. Since there's no thread on this game, I figured I'd start one. I decided to start playing this game since it's near Halloween. I never finished playing through the first time, so I created a new game and am following the green path.


It really is an amazing game in story, visuals, sound, gameplay and especially atmosphere. This one needs to be played with all the lights off. Anyone who hasn't played and are looking for a "seasonal" game, this would be a great game to pick up.


So far am up to Karim. Anyone else blow the dust of this title?

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There are several Eternal Darkness lovers here on the forum. I, for one, think it's one of the best Gamecube games to date. Plus, you can buy it for really really cheap!


I'm not planning on playing through it right now, but I do enjoy picking it up now and then. Try playing it in the middle of the night when your sanity is low. :D *babies crying*



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Eternal Darkness is a great game. I finished it once (blue I think, but it was a while ago) and intend to play it again. I fired it up just the other day to show a buddy what I meant when I was talking about insanity effects, and we had a good time switching off with the controller playing through the first level or two.


It sounds like a good idea to me to play it again for the season (especially with a friend bogarting my copy of Silent Hill 2).

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Try playing it in the middle of the night when your sanity is low. :) *babies crying*


I remember keeping the sanity meter low on purpose, to experience all the fun effects :)




The thing that freaked me out the most, when insane, was when I went to save my game once, and just working the menus out of habit I wasn't really reading anything, and all of a sudden instead of saving it said "Deleting all saved games..." and it showed all of the save slots being cleared. I was seriously freaked for a second, thinking "Oh my god, wtf did I just do?!?" And then it flashed back to normal :)

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ED is a great game, despite a number of flaws (there's one nasty monotonous section and the sanity effects largely become moot as you work through the later levels).


It screams for a sequel, not just because of the secret uber-ending, but because of the fantastic possibilities that are left to explore. If sanity wasn't so easy to get back it would be far better.


That being said, I adore ED and it's one of the reasons I got my Cube and a fantastic game. I'm about 3/4's of the way through my second playthrough but I haven't touched the game in many months.


Great title :tu:

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It's Silicon Knights day here in the GameCube forum! Hooray!


A while back, I ranked Eternal Darkness as the third best title on the system. I still have a lot of love for it, but I do think that some of Nintendo's recent efforts (and some forthcoming titles) may push it down a few spots.


You're right, this game is brimming with an eerie atmosphere, and I do think the controls and combat system are among the best I've seen in the survival horror genre. If I do have one major gripe, it's that I think it may be a little too easy. Ultimately, the fact that magick power slowly restores over time allows you to constantly refill your health and sanity, almost make those bars unnecessary. Instead of allowing it to slowly refill on its own, I think they should have given you potions or some other limited means of refilling magick. That way, it would have been a much more valuable commodity, and therefore, a little more tension would have resulted from losing health and sanity.

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