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What day(s) are you taking off of work?

Chris The Rock

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I figure I'll be getting my hot little hands on HALO 2 at around 12:15 AM, and taking it home and playing for a few hours. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep enough to drag myself to work later that day (still the 9th).


After work, I'll be going to a friends house to do some mutilplayer...and we're all going to take off work on the 10th.



This will be the first time I've scheduled a day off just to play a game.

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I'm taking 3 days off: Tuesday through Thursday, and Friday is my friday off, so I won't be due back at work until the next Monday.


At first I thought it was kinda weird to take vacation for a game, but then I remembered that I took vacation off for the Star Wars and LOTR movies.


Okay, so that's weird too! :P


So this is how I rationalize it now: For my co-workers, it wouldn't be weird at all to take a day off to play on a brand new golf-course that just opened, so how's this any different?


Besides, I've worked for the same company for almost 15 years, I get every other friday off, and I've got 18 days of vacation + 1 optional holiday, plus I get a day off every time I work the on-call 24x7 shift, which is about 3 times a year.


So I've got days to burn and a very understanding wife, so why not?


And my ulterior motive is to beat the SP campaign before my kids, because they cannot resist talking about spoilers.



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I already get the 11th off for Vetrans Day and I plan on taking the 10th as a sick day. The 9th I will be at work as I don't know when I'll pick up my copy of Halo 2. My buddy will come over on the 10th with his Xbox for system link co-op and a few deathmatches. His birthday is the 11th, so we plan on gaming all day and slow cooking some babybacks for dinner :P

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Originally posted by SeriousCrayon@Oct 19 2004, 02:31 PM

How can I find out if the EB near me is going to be open, I checked the website but it didn't say anything about Canadian stores.

My EB just told me when I pre-ordered. Probably have to call if you want to know before hand.


At least the online store locator (with all the handy phone numbers) works for us :)

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